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Atiku Urges Muslims To Project Islam Through Love, Tolerance



Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has urged Muslims to project Islam through good examples of love, tolerance and peaceful disposition at all times. He said in his Eid-el-Fitr message issued by his media office yesterday in Abuja that such virtues were prerequisite for protecting the perception of Islam from distortion.

Abubakar congratulated Muslim faithful on the successful completion of 30-day Ramadan, and urged that the events of the period should reinforce the fear of Allah in the hearts of believers. He advised Muslims to sustain the virtues of the sacrifice beyond the Ramadan.

“The fasting period makes believers appreciate the impact of hunger and be more committed to the hardship of millions who cannot feed themselves.” He called on fellow Muslims to show greater commitment to peace, unity and tolerance in order to create harmony and understanding in the country.

He added that unity is a condition for building a formidable nation, without unity, a country is politically vulnerable. Furthermore, he said, with the absence of peace, even religion would be hard to practice. In all, he advised that citizens not take peace for granted.

The former vice president, who condemned religious extremists for giving Islam a bad name, advised Muslim parents to protect their children from the negative influences of those who preach hate and intolerance. He also called on political leaders at all levels and of all persuasions, to have the fear of God and the love for the people in their activities.

He urged leaders to use power fairly and justly, while stressing the need for politicians to be accessible to the people instead of living in fortresses of power that detaches them from the reality of the people.

“Leadership is about service to the people and there are numerous examples in the tradition of Prophet Muhammed SAW and his followers like Umar, who left their comfort zones to feel the hardship of the poor in the society