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I Wait On God For Everything – Hajiya Sifau



Hajiya Sifau Kabir was born on 14 November, 1965 to the family of Ramata Salawu and Alhaji Salawu Ikpiyomi as the fifth child in the family of seven children. She attended Babuko Primary School in Ilorin, Kwara State and a secondary school at Sabo Oke, in the same Ilorin. She proceeded to the Kwara State Polytechnic (KWACOTEC), where she obtained a National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Public Administration. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Hajiya Kabiru is a civil servant. She is happily married.


My name is Hajiya Sifau Kabir. I was born 14 November 1965 to the family of Ramata Salawu and Alhaji Salawu Ikpiyomi and I am the fifth child in the family. We are two boys and five girls. I think and I believe that I took after my mother. Both in character and look, I am my mother. My parents have gone to be with the Lord.


My early education started from Babuko Primary School in Ilorin, Kwara State. Then one had to have their primary six certificate before they considered going to secondary school. From there, I proceeded to secondary school at Sabo Oke, in the same Ilorin. After my secondary education, I went ahead to the Kwara State Polytechnic, popularly called KWACOTEC, and obtained a National Diploma in Public Administration.


Other qualifications in education followed when I got married to my husband, Alhaji Mohammed Kabir Makarfi 3, the Maigari of Lokoja. After marriage I continued the quest for education, with advanced diploma, then later Higher National Diploma, HND and finally Masters in Public Administration.


I am a staff of Lokoja Local Government, Kogi State. I am the head of the Women Development Centre, where women are encouraged to acquire skills. In other words it’s a women development centre.


My husband is my role model. This is because whatever I am today he gave the standard. He is the man behind my level today and I am grateful to him and the Almighty Allah.


Mrs BA Musa is amongst those I revere so much. She was formerly my boss at the Women Development Centre, but my husband remains number one.


The whole inspiration was derived from my husband who encouraged my aspirations to my further education because he continued to encourage me to continue with education even though I am married and such husband is a dependable person who doesn’t care what level of education a house wife should stop. As I completed one course, he would continue to support and encourage me to go for more. I came to his house with a diploma certificate but today I am a proud holder of a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I also revere Hajiya Fatima Abubakar who was at the time my role model. she is the current DLG of Lokoja Local Government. These are people who mean a lot to me in my life.


I have always looked at people, especially women giving themselves issues on simple matters. Just as I am now heading an office, it will not be a matter of forcing myself on people if they look the other way and put somebody on my seat, I will just withdraw gently without giving myself stress. This is just because if I struggle to reach one point without Allah’s approval and you know you are hurting others it is not good. Sincerely, I look on to and trust Allah for everything.


I started early with family life, unlike others in the society today, so I didn’t have the opportunity of mingling with people from other families so much out there even in school because looking back home I have a different family values to protect, that could be a regret. My mother whom I cherished most is no longer alive to see how the lessons she taught me are manifesting, that is another regret. But God Almighty should be appreciated in all these. The prayer of everyone else should be for God to show us our way on time to fulfil the mission He sent us to do.


I am from a disciplined Muslim home where order from the parents is sacrosanct. Inshah Allah, in such situation you dare not go out beyond the dictates of the parents. More so, I was very close to my mother, the only time I could be on my own was when I would be in school and I was always mindful of what my mum told me.


My profession and my family responsibilities are poles apart. My family matters and work schedule can never clash. In my own estimation I don’t see any of the two overlapping the other. When I am outside for work, it is purely business, I don’t allow family matters to interfere with my sense of judgment at work. There are rules guiding the line of duty and domestic issues are on their own. This separation of guidelines between my place of work and family affairs has helped me greatly.


My husband is so caring that he has made me to put all hopes in him. If today I retire and there is enough energy whatever he advises me is what I will do.


My advice to my fellow is that they should be patient with their husbands and should always learn how to improve themselves through education even though the result may not be immediate; it certainly would come later. People should not use others as yardstick to be impatient with others; one should have faith in God Almighty in whatever situation they find themselves in life. With these, there will be peace around us vis-à-vis the world.

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