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Sylva, APC Chieftains Trade Blame Over 2016 Guber Loss



The former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva and some chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have engaged in trading of blames for the defeat of the party by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the 2016 governorship election.
While Chief Timipre Sylva, during the inauguration of the state executive of the APC in Bayelsa State, accused some members of the party as being responsible for the defeat due to their penchant for running after money rather than working for party victory during the poll.
Two chieftains of the APC, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, the former security adviser to the Bayelsa State government and Elder Christopher Abarowei, disagreed with Sylva, insisting that the former governor should be blamed for the party defeat due to his alleged penchant to run the party as a one- man business.
While Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, dismissed as “ego trip” and “half truth” the claim by the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva that the All Progressives Congress (APC) lost in the last governorship election in the state due to alleged greed and anti-party act by some chieftains of the Party.
Elder Christopher Abarowei has faulted the claim by the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva that the desperation by some party members for money robbed the party of victory in the last governorship polls in 2016.
Kpodoh, in his submission, said the loss of the APC at the last governorship election and the near collapse of the party in the state, is due to the inordinate ambition of former governor Sylva to occupy the Creek Haven, seat of Bayelsa Government House.

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, who is an APC chieftain and has served under Chief Timipre Sylva as chief security adviser, said the decision by the former governor to make the APC his one-man party with hijack of party governorship ticket, violence and imposition of party structures, made the APC to lose the good will of the people of the state.

According to Kpodoh, “Sylva will never change. The APC failed at the last election due to his inordinate ambition to become governor by all means. When I risked everything to hoist the first APC flag in the
state despite threats and seizure of my property, Sylva came and imposed the same party executive he is accusing of running after money than victory for the party. He later, hijacked the governorship primary with thugs and cultists and held hostage the former edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole.

“Is it not the same Oshiomole that he is supporting now for chairmanship? He stoned PMB during the CPC campaign in Bayelsa and claimed to be his
core loyalist now. He has insulted the Bayelsa people with violent conduct, huge loans and debts, now he wants to govern them under APC?
It will not work.

“If Sylva had allowed the governorship primary to take place, he would have been defeated and his fading political power would have been finished. He resorted to violence and scuttled the party chances to get it right. In his usual way, Sylva promised the same party chairman and many others the position of deputy governor and the party paid dearly for it.

“In his desperation to source for money to fund his ambition, Sylva sold out his properties and borrowed monies. The people of the state
were following and knew that instead of the change promised by the party, an APC governor, under Sylva, would loot the state blind again.
They voted the party with the better candidate.

“Now, 2019 is around the corner and Sylva has started talking. The party has started fumbling again with parallel congresses and divisions. How would such a party win in Bayelsa? APC, under Sylva, was
built under deceit and division.”

On his part, the chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa, Elder Christopher Abarowei, has faulted the claim by the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva that the desperation by some party members for money robbed the party of victory in the last governorship polls in 2016.

According to Abarowei, the claim of the former governor is filled with lies as he was solely responsible for the dismal performance of the
party during the governorship polls due to his penchant for running the party as a sole administrator and refusal to accommodate various
shades of opinions within the party.

Elder Christopher Abarowei, who is a chieftain of the APC in Sagbama and was among those violently attacked during the governorship election by hired political thugs, said the former governor and one of the leaders of the party, Chief Timipre Sylva, lied by pointing accusing fingers to some party members other than himself for the loss of the party during the last election.

According to Abarowei, in a statement issued yesterday in Yenagoa and titled “Slyva’s Lies”, stated that “We view with utmost disappointment, the comment by one of the leaders of the APC, Chief Timipre Slyva that he lost the 2015 governorship, as a hallmark of a good leader is to accommodate different shades of opinion so as to win the ultimate prize of occupying Creek Haven in 2019 and stop dishing out despicable languages in trying to score very cheap political points.

“These cheap political points, which should be reserved for the opponents as we work assiduously for the success of our great party in the 2019 elections, both at the state and national levels of
governance. We therefore see his claim of betrayal as trying to hold to any available straw in trying to deny the fact that he is a serial loser.

“Let us remind Slyva that he did not physically attend any of our congresses in the state in 2014 and never knew the source of the funding of these processes. It is therefore unacceptable, insultive
and childish for him to say he was betrayed by the same people who laboured to build a solid foundation from the modest 43,000 membership
to what we have now.”



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