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Okorocha Inaugurates State Council Of Traditional Ruler



Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha has inaugurated the newly constituted State Council of Traditional Rulers, with Eze, Samuel Agunwa Ohiri as Chairman.

Recall that each of the 27 local governments in the State had elected a member into the Council.

Inaugurating the new council at the palatial Eze Imo Palace, Governor Okorocha said he was inaugurating the Council this time in the bid to strengthen the Community Government Council (CGC), which his administration came up with to take government to the grassroot.

“We should all remember that the reason we formed this government is to make sure that adequate security and dividends of democracy get to the end users. Therefore, my traditional rulers, please, be sure that you support this community government always. There is nothing the government can do for you better than the one you do for yourselves, project-wise.

“Before I leave you as governor, I want to use every strength in me to make sure that the CGC Government is sustained by subsequent governments and that depends also largely on you, the traditional rulers, because you are the custodians of our culture and know your subjects more closely than anyone else.

“Again, your chairman, Eze Imo just surprised me now by stating that there are still some communities that have no polling booths. I wonder how a community can exist with a traditional ruler and people who have no place to go and exercise their voting right. This is the very reason why we have to act fast to get credible persons handy for the electoral positions that are coming,” the governor stated.