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‘Governor Ambode, a special gift to Lagos’



Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is a blessing from God to the people of Lagos state. That was a view expressed by the Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. AbdulLateef AbdulHakeem, on Friday, while speaking with journalists, in Lagos.

The Commissioner, who is also a renowned Islamic cleric, said that God’s unwavering love for Lagos State has manifested in the Ambode administration, whose methodical approach to governance has brought about rapid development strides that are visible throughout the state.

He said that as a special gift to Lagos, Ambode has addressed all the challenges that his administration inherited when he assumed office three years ago – including traffic congestion, kidnapping, cultism and other crimes that were hitherto prevalent.

Although AbdulHakeem noted that the state was not a stranger to progressive leadership, especially since the defining era of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he added that Ambode had raised the tempo of people-oriented governance with ongoing massive infrastructural projects dotting a visible percentage of the state’s landscape.

The Commissioner, who said that the network of roads in the state had remarkably improved under the Ambode administration, added that with construction of inner-city roads and those of the highways with lay-bys and bus-stops, the face of traffic flow and management had been redefined. “Travel time within the state has reduced. You will certainly see the improvement, while driving on Lagos roads. I am sure driving and living in the state would be more interesting and enjoyable by the time several ongoing urban-renewal projects are completed. Pedestrian bridges are springing up on highways to prevent road users from losing their lives, while crossing the highways. Lay-bys are being constructed on major roads to prevent indiscriminate parking by motorists – a practice which used to contribute to the traffic gridlock.

“It is evident that about 1,000 modern bus stops will soon be completed to ease traffic flow. The lay-bys and slip roads are constructed with installation of wire mesh fencing to bring out orderliness on our highways like never before. The icing on the cake is the sustained Light-Up Lagos, which has served a multi-purpose on Lagos highways: It enables motorists to see clearly at night; it has also chased criminals and other night marauders away, from the black spots – in addition to beautifying the metropolis. We can now feel the beauty of having our streetlights illuminate the nooks and crannies of Lagos at night. Add the gains accruable through the night economy in the areas with streetlights. Gradually, Lagos is becoming a smart city of our dream.”

The Commissioner, however, added that what is being witnessed in the state was just a tip under which there is an iceberg, insisting that the future promises to be better and more rewarding for Lagosians. Said he: “More massive capital projects will be completed before the end of the year. While others are busy playing politics of bitterness, Ambode remains committed to fulfilling all his electoral promises, because he believes all residents, regardless of their tribe, religion, age and sex, would be positively impacted, if government truly works for the people. This is what Governor Ambode means by running an all-inclusive government, in which, for instance, Lagosians don’t have to know somebody in government before they feel the impact of the state administration. That is the new Lagos, a dream that is fast becoming a reality.”



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