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Nigeria Will Get Better – Olagunju



Founder of Christ Apostolic Church Power Of God Saves, Prophet Moses Ibrahim Olagunju, who gave his life to Christ in 1983, spoke with BAYO AMODU about the state of the nation, his calling, challenges of the ministry among others.

How did your journey begin?

I met Jesus Christ at Christ Apostolic Church Agbala Itura under the ministration of Pastor S. K. Abiara in Ibadan on December 21, 1983. I later attended the bible college which belong to the ministry. My own church ministry commenced on January 1989.Today we have 45 branches including those in Ghana, United States of America, London. We are about establishing another one in Canada.

What can you say is the secret behind the expansion of your ministry?

No one can receive anything unless it is given to him by God. The leading of God is what I rely on. For instance, I never thought of going to Canada this year. I just mentioned it in church and the people that have tasted the goodness of God in our ministry who have travelled to Canada heard that I was coming there. They are the one that insisted that we must establish a branch in Canada.

What are the challenges you faced since you started the church?

We have experienced many challenges and God has helped us to overcome all of them. By the grace of God the ministry started in a room and parlour apartment at No 17, Olonade Street, Alimosho in Lagos with 18 members. We started with almost nothing. I left CAC Agbala Itura with N400 which we used to make the few chairs and pulpit for the church then. The first challenge was from the neighborhood. By 1992 we got our own land in the same area. The work of God was progressing.

There was a time a child got lost in the church but the child was later found at Seme border. The other challenge was my church in Abuja was demolished. That time, it was on a plot of land but today, the church is now on an acre of land. There was a time I was kidnapped. The kidnappers asked me to sign a document giving the church land to them but I refused. Later, they asked me to sign that I was owing them N800, 000. From 7am that I was taken away, I was released around 11pm. God saw me through that as the mastermind of the kidnap confessed that he was sent to destroy me.

What is your take on succession plan which has made some churches go into extinction today after the demise of the founder?

In ministry you don’t appoint a successor by yourself. You will create problems for yourself if you do that. God can send anybody even a moron on an errand. If you choose by your power, there will be problem when you leave. It is God’s work and He knows what to do every time. I counsel people on phone and tell them what to do; I don’t have any power to make anything happen but God dispatch His angels to turn people’s problems to testimonies by backing my words with authority. God’s work is not for commercial. For instance, God asked us to come to this place in Abuja and we have to trust Him for to see the increase we are enjoying today.

What can you say about the debate over whether it is necessary to pay tithe or not?

God gave His only begotten son for the redemption of the world. A redeemed child of God will not find it difficult to pay tithe. Any pastor that is emphasising on tithe and offering alone has shown the people what he is looking for.  A man of God that is after winning souls for God will not do that. Just teach the people what to do and leave them to make their decisions. Abraham paid tithe in the Bible. If genuinely called pastors do not collect tithes, they will still be comfortable. Any man of God that is truly called by God will not beg for food.

What is your message for Nigeria?

I have travelled to many countries and I can boldly say that Nigeria is the best country to be. God has blessed us in so many ways but we have leadership problems. There is no party where there are no corrupt people. If we can get it right at the level of political leadership, we will fare better. I believe Nigeria will get better because Nigeria belongs to God.