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Mimiko Still Not Part Of New Labour Party



Events and circumstances occasioned by Dr. Abdulrahamon Olusegun Mimiko’s defection back to the Labour Party (LP), from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), are already getting tumultuous reactions from both the Labour Party’s leadership and from political pundits. The opinions of the observers of the Nigerian political atmosphere are also not left out in the gamut of reactions trailing the controversial development.

The Labour Party’s leadership, under the “no-nonsense” stewardship of Dr. Mike Omotosho, has recently rejected the defection, labelling it an ill-conceived strategy devised to stall the progress being recorded by the party. The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), the rightful owners of the party and under whose auspices the party was established, have equally registered their disapproval of the move.

That Dr. Mimiko succeeded in wangling his way back into the Labour Party, leaves much to be desired as both the leadership of the party and its sympathizers have described his defection back to the very party he abandoned some years ago, as a deed that reeks of mischief and a desperate move towards securing a vehicle through which he can drive his selfish political ambitions.

Dr. Mimiko rode on the back of the institutional party to actualize his goal of governing Ondo State, and dumped the party when he felt he no longer needed it. He abandoned the party when it needed him most, and pitched his tent with the then ruling party, the PDP. When accosted to give reasons for his unsavoury decision, he explained that it was in a bid to help the ruling party actualize its goals that he abandoned his own party – a party that came to his rescue when no one else was willing to give him a breeding space. In other words, his own party’s goals were not worth actualizing. His action at that time was seen by political pundits as the worst case of bare-faced political betrayal and a classic example of “biting the finger that fed one.”

It is very instructive that Dr. Mimiko is still the only Nigerian governor that has ever been elected under the platform of the Labour Party. His emergence as governor in 2008 gave the Labour Party a pride of place in the political sphere of Nigeria as the party from thenceforth, ceased to exist only INEC’s list of registered political parties, but became a force to reckon with and started to enjoy unprecedented recognition. Mimiko’s victory was meant to herald a new dawn for the hitherto obscure party, and set it to run speedily on the path of political relevance.  And when they were leaving along with their paymaster, Mimiko, they shabbily vouchsafed some inglorious elements with the leadership of the party, and hurriedly joined the diverse parties they considered as “booming.” It was not shocking to see the same Nwanyanwu who had shed tears of regrets and remorse when about leaving the Labour Party, pitch his tent with the All Progressives Democratic Alliance (APDA), an offshoot of the People’s Democratic Party, that was set up by the then Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the party to serve as a buffer in the event that it lost its leadership tussle to the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff-led faction at the Supreme Court.

Nwanyanwu’s tears have been described by the Congress of Promoters of the Labour Party Ideals (CPLPI), a unit of the Labour Party that has been very vociferous in speaking up against the bastardization of the party,  as “crocodile tears,” that hadn’t even the least iota of emotion. The CPLPI has condemned in very strong terms the ‘re-defection’ of Mimiko to the Labour Party, and has registered its utter displeasure with the way and manner the Abdulkadir Abdulsalam-led faction has been parading itself as the legitimate faction of the party.

The CPLPI, chaired by one Mr. Aremo Adeola Adepoju, is therefore calling on all friends of the Labour Party to continue to hold the forte and not lose faith as the standard that the party has already attained under the able leadership of Dr. Omotosho, cannot and will not be compromised by anyone, not even by those who believe that they can influence everything and everyone with their ill-gotten wealth. The CPLPI is making it clear that the improved status that the Labour Party has been able to attain through the sheer commitment, diligence and sacrifice of its present leadership, cannot and will never wane.

The CPLPI is even more worried that Alhaji Abdulsalam has not been considering the consequences of his reneging on the terms of the “out of court settlement” he entered into with the current leadership of the party which incidentally was adjudicated over by an Abuja High Court. He appears not to be aware that the series of uncouth behaviours that he has been putting up lately, which clearly renege on his own side of the agreement he entered into with the current party leadership, amount to ‘contempt of court.’

He and his misguided followers were quick to receive Dr. Mimiko back into the party because their ideologies run contrary to the ideals of the new Labour Party under Dr. Omotosho.  The CPLPI has further asked friends of the Labour Party to disregard the huge crowd that rallied around Mimiko on the day of his defection as the crowd was merely hired, and did not comprise of card-carrying members of the Labour Party.

The CPLPI is further blaming the crisis that engulfed the Labour Party before now, on the visionless leadership of Alhaji Abdulsalam in whose custody the Nwanyanwu leadership entrusted the party, for neglecting to hold the National Working Committee (NWC) and National Executive Council (NEC) meetings throughout the over two-year period that it held the forte.

The new Labour Party has set an agenda for itself, and it is poised to actualizing it against all odds. It is now a totally brand new, a revamped and a rejigged political party. Its ideologies have been embraced and assimilated by its renewed crop of members, and the CPLPI is hereby notifying members of the party and its friends across the globe that Dr. Mimiko and his co-travellers will not find in it a safe place to execute their stock in trade which is mass deception, use of money to influence subversive tendencies in members, and disorganization of party’s programs and agenda.

–Nwachukwu wrote in from Abuja