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We Won’t Allow Ranches In Any Part Of Yorubaland – Afenifere



The pan -Yoruba socio – political organization, Afenifere, yesterday warned the federal government against establishing ranches in any part of Yoruba land, saying the people of the region would resist the attempt.

Afenifere also condemned the killings that took place in Plateau State on Sunday which left about 100 people dead.

In a communiqué issued after its monthly meeting held at the resident of its leader in Akure,  the Ondo state capital, the group also faulted the statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari over restructuring, saying,” restructuring is a national agenda”.

Reading the communiqué to journalists after the meeting, the National Publicity Secretary of the Afenifere, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, warned the governors of the region against ceding any land for ranches.

Odumakin said, “the meeting rejects the idea of public funded ranches which is an imperialist agenda of cresting federal cattle territories across Nigeria.

“We insist that cattle rearing is a private business and the government has no business getting involved if there was no sinister .No inch of Yoruba land will be available for such and no governor should cede any land for such.”

On the issue or restructuring, Afenifere described it as selfless call borne out of the need to retrieve Nigeria from the brink of collapse and put It back on track.

According to him, for the country to move forward and develop it has to be restructured into a proper federation .

According to the Afenifere scribe, “At a time when the country as at the verge of collapse as a result of structural defects, we noted that the President while receiving Urhobo leaders on Monday was still dismissing the popular call for restructuring of the country when he said, “every group asking for restructuring has got their own agenda and I hope it can be accommodated by the constitution”.

“We say without any reservation to Mr President that the call for restructuring is a selfless call borne out of the need to retrieve Nigeria from the brink of collapse and put It back on track .If the President talks about people with personal agenda on restructuring, ‘’It Can only be those who insert it in their manifestos to win elections and turn around to say they are getting different definitions of restructuring after they came to power.”

According to the group, there is no land where the blood of the innocent is being shed daily like Nigeria that can make progress in any area of human endeavour.