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Expert Advocates Introduction Of Drug Policy In Schools



The introduction of drug policy in schools has been advocated,  as a means of putting  a halt  to the increasing  menace of drug abuse and addiction.

An expert, Dr  Hasheem  Saidu of Health and Happiness  Foundation, Kaduna advocated  this while delivering  a lecture over the weekend at the TEWORH Sports and Skills Centre For Fighting Drugs Abuse multi events,  held at the Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna.

He said  that drug policy  is expected to check  abuse of not just illicit drugs, but even those  prescribed  to treat ailments  like malaria  or headaches.

“How many  schools  have drug policies?  No child  should be allowed  to take any kind of drugs, not even paracetamol, within any school  premises  without supervision  of staff nurses or their teachers, “ he stressed.

He explained that drug abuse  starts when  you start taking even prescribed  drugs  wrongly.

“Parents  should  also  let  the school  know when their  children  or wards  are going  to school  with prescribed  drugs and the time  they are to be administered. This should check abuse of drugs,  not  just illicit drugs,” he said.

Speaking further, while highlighting risk  factors that contribute  to drug addiction,  he said that parents should create  bonds with their children.

“Preventing drug abuse starts from the home. Anxiety can lead to depression and drug addiction. When your children don’t  feel free to share  what they are  feeling with family  team,  they end up seeking advice elsewhere.  If they fall into wrong  hands,  they may be introduced  to drug as a temporary  escape  from anxiety,” he said.

Chairman/CEO of TEWORH  Sports and Skills Centre,  Suraj  Ola Abdulwahab  in an interview  with newsmen,  explained  that the fight against drug abuse required all hands to be on deck for it to be successful.

No fewer than 200 students from six  schools  participated in the event.





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