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Arts On Yoga Exhibited At The Indian High Commission



…as Nigerians are urged to embrace Yoga to experience good health

In an effort to improve and strengthen the socio-cultural and bilateral ties between Nigeria and India, the india High Commission has organised a long week of programme to introduce Nigerians to Yoga , a spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures, widely practised for health and relaxation.

Exquisite arts and photographs on various postures of Yoga were part of the materials on display at the centre. Photos showing various locations within Abuja and environs like the National Mosque, Christain Centre, City Gate, National Stadium etc were some of the places that were depicted by an experienced award winning Indian artist with portraying various Yoga postures. Speaking with one of the exhibitors and an artist who have lived in Nigeria for over 5years, Shanta Roy, who is one of the exhibitors of Nigerian Yoga art who bagged Indian national award for her work in print making which has been exhibited in Indian, Japan, U.K and Nigeria, she said the health benefit of Yoga can never be overemphasised.

She revealed that children should be encouraged to embrace Yoga at an early age to help them fight different ailment from their body especially now that people are not too keen about the wellbeing of their health. ” Some of the Yoga postures are significant. They carry specific benefits,” She said. “We need to encourage people to embrace Yoga. It opens up our minds and the different postures are significant to different ailments. “Many countries have embraced Yoga and Nigeria can not be left out. We the collaboration between our countries , I believe that the introduction of Yoga to Nigerians will go along way to prevent people from having preventable sickness.

” People who practice Yoga never age because it is a therapy that nourishes the body and soul. We encourage all Nigerians to key into this project with guardians from professional,”she explains.Speaking earlier in commemoration of  2018 International Day of Yoga in Abuja, the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, His Excellency Mr. Nagabhushana Reddy, recommended Yoga to Nigerians, saying it is one of the powerful medium that people could use to have good health, live in peace and be happier.

“You may be physical fit but have mental challenges; thus there is need to find solution within ourselves adding that yoga is that medium. “If an individual is at peace with him or herself, he or she could live and talk peacefully and disseminate peace and thereby the community will be peaceful. “Everyone needs good health stressing that yoga is one of the powerful medium that we can use to have good health, live in peace and be happier,” he said.

The exercise of Yoga includes neck bending, shoulder’s, trunk and knee movements etc. Others are standing postures, sitting postures, prone postures, supine postures, “Kapalabhati’’ (breathing and meditating) and “Pranayama’’ (alternative nostril breathing) and many others. Exhibition and other activities marking the Yoga week are still on going at the Indian High Commission at Central Area District, Abuja. No fewer than 200 Nigerians, participated in the Yoga exercises to celebrate the The International Day For Yoga at the premises of the Indian High Commission in Abuja. Over 175 countries including Nigeria have joined this initiative rooted by the Prime Minister of India, Mr  Narendra Modi.



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