The founder of Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE), Dr Newton Jibunoh, has lamented that fumes emanating from streetlights powered by generators was the leading cause of death of huge number of trees.

He disclosed this in an article titled: ‘Generators: Killing Us and the Environment,’ which was electronically mailed to LEADERSHIP in Abuja.

He said that some state governors commenced planting of trees on its corridors in an effort to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Jibunoh stated that with federal government’s investment in the power sector, Nigeria should be one of the top 10 leading nations in power generation.

He said though some Nigerians have started exploring renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and inverters to store energy, the efforts of the average Nigerian were crippled by the selfish interest of some corrupt government officials.

This, he said, reflected in government’s attempt to commence the imposition of tariffs on imported solar panels and inverters.

He noted that though efforts were in progress to introduce reasonable changes in electricity supply and distribution, the importation and marketing of generators increased astronomically.

“Could it be that, because of the revenue it generates and the amount of millionaires it has created, the efforts by the government to ensure stable power may never come to fruition?” he asked.

He said that it’s disheartening to hear that millions and billions have been sunk into the power sector without substantial changes to the country’s erratic power supply.

Jibunoh stated that in 2015, during senate committee’s investigation on investments in the power sector within the 16 years of PDP rule in Nigeria that it was discovered that government spent about N2.74 trillion in an attempt to improve power supply in Nigeria since 1999.

He noted that the figure would have jerked up by now, alleging that some individuals would suffer a great loss to their livelihood if the power sector was restored to a dependable state.

He said, “The enforced dependency of Nigerians on generators is enriching a group of people somewhere because, one in three homes in Nigeria is partially dependent on generators, which is fuelled with petrol or diesel very frequently.”

He recalled the speculations surrounding the mysterious death of the late attorney-general of the federation, Chief Bola Ige, who vowed to probe into the corruption in the power sector while he was in government.

Jibunoh stated that the probe would have ended erratic power supply saying that late Ige promised to end the nightmare of electricity supply in six months.

He said that President Muhammadu Buhari recently revealed that former president, Olusegun Obasanjo’s government spent close to $16 billion on the power sector with no reasonable result.

He further pointed out that the APC government has also spent close to $2 billion in only three years in office, lamenting that APC was towing the path of their predecessor in wasting the national budget on ailing power sector.

He lamented that night time in Lagos and other commercial cities were deafening affairs as each home generated different sounds from the use of generators

Jibunoh stated that the effect of generators on human life was disastrous, starting with the polluted air Nigerians breathe to a general discomfort due to the excessive noise emanating from numerous generators at the same time.