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Harvey Weinstein Faces Life In Prison From New Sexual Misconduct Charges By 3rd Victim



Harvey Weinstein, being a hollywood A-lister producer with several rape and criminal sex acts charges and a potential 25-years of incarceration.

His indictment today marks an additional count of Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree for a forcible sexual act against a third woman that allegedly occurred in 2006. Joining the two women identified in the previous indictment in late May, the new indictment also includes two counts of Predatory Sexual Assault. The class A-11 felony predatory charge looms with a potential life or at least 10-25 years in prison for the disgraced producer.

In addition there are also nearly a dozen lawsuits filed in the courts against Weinstein from some of the 80 women who have gone public with allegations of sexual assault and more by the Oscar winning producer.