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Why Nigeria Is In Crisis – Sule Lamido



Former governor of Jigawa State and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Sule Lamido, yesterday, in Sokoto gave reasons why Nigeria is currently being confronted with series of irredeemable crisis.

Lamido who was in Sokoto on a consultation visit, affirmed that every nation takes up the mindset of her leader which explains why Nigerians are suffering, laced with hatred and brutality of all kinds.

According to him, the time is ripe for Nigerians to face reality and discuss certain issues about the country without prejudice of any sort.

While insisting that after critical analysis, Nigerians will agree with him that PDP is still the way out, Sule Lamido said, PDP is Nigeria’s history because it is the only party that has the love of the masses at heart and the mother of politicians in contemporary Nigeria.

“PDP is a party that was built on unity, with human sympathy and developmentally minded but the All Progressive Congress (APC) symbolises hate. They are full of pains.

“Just like the father is the head of any family, and if the father is very, very good, God-fearing, loving and humane, you can see that his children will be wonderfully cultured, humane, well-mannered and courteous. Yes, naturally that is what they grow to become.

“Therefore, every nation takes the character of its leader. If the leader of a country is very humane, caring, loving, supportive and compassionate, that is what the offspring will be.



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