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Garki Hospital Refutes Allegation Of Negligence



The management of Garki Hospital Abuja has described as false and malicious, the media reports, making the rounds that the hospital neglected a corps member, Miss Angela Igwetu, who died in the hospital at the early hours of yesterday.

A press statement signed by the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the hospital, Dr Nyamudim Essien indicated that late Miss Igwetu was brought into the hospital at 3:05am in a critical condition.

“Miss Igwetu was brought to this hospital at 3:05am on the 4th July, 2018, in a precarious condition. The doctors on duty at the Accident and Emergency Department, including a consultant surgeon on call battled to save Miss Igwetu’s  life by providing care, including blood transfusions and limited surgery.”

The hospital restated that it has a standing policy of not insisting on Police report before attending to Trauma Patients at her Accident and Emergency Department.  It described the mainstream and social media reports that the hospital insisted on Police report, thereby leaving the young lady to bleed to death as callous and unfounded.

On the allegation that it demanded for payment before treatment, Dr Essien said: “Garki Hospital don’t demand for payment before attending to Trauma Patient. Our priority is to first revive the patient. We treat people equally. The same treatment we extend to the rich is the same treatment we give to the poor.”

The hospital therefore, demanded for a rebuttal from the online and main stream media involved in this unethical conducts, capable of bringing the much revered Nigeria Media to disrepute.

“The Nigerian Media has worked very hard to earn its reputation. It will be regrettable for a section of the media to ruin that reputation with publication of verifiable reports. Our advice is that they should cross check their facts before going to the press. There is no need for them to rely on rumours and gossip as their source of information, as our doors are always open to the media.”

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