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Oshiomole: APC Won’t Lose Sleep Over Threats By Splinter Group



National chairman of  All Progressives Congress (APC),  Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, yesterday said the party would not be distracted by the antics of the splinter group of the party known as the Reformed All Progressives Congress (rAPC).

Oshiomhole who described the splinter group as an association of “Bread and Butter” politicians, said the APC leadership  is holding talks with core members of the party to resolve the myriads of challenges facing the APC family.

He alleged that members of the rAPC are mercenaries who have been hired to distract the party.

“They are mercenaries who are willing to be hired for a purpose,  they are right to be so hired.  But that will not cause any distraction within the core of APC leaders.  There is no breakaway, if people chose to be detain by their fears, it is their choice,” he said.

The national chairman said this yesterday, at the National Assembly complex in Abuja, shortly after his meeting with the House of Representatives caucus of the APC.

Oshiomole who held a closed door meeting with the members of the House for over two hours,  dismissed activities of the rAPC with a wave of hand. He said his leadership was  not bothered by the antics of the rAPC led by a member of the APC Board of Trustees, Engr. Buba Galadima.

According to Oshiomole,  if members of the rAPC choose not to be happy with the developments within the party, they are entitled to their opinion.

He, however, insisted that there is no breakaway faction from the mainstream APC.

“There is no break up. If one Galadima is not happy. That is fine.  He has a right now to be happy.  If he chooses to call himself whatever he wants to call himself,   I will not lose my sleep over that.  We know those who are in the system. Those who are seeking break-up that is their problem,” Oshiomhole said.

He added that the party is engaging with the real stakeholders including the leadership of the National Assembly to foster unity among party members.

“We are engaging real stakeholders in the executive and the two arms of the National Assembly.  We have very important influential leaders,”  he said.

Oshiomhole  had during the opening session of the meeting assured APC lawmakers that the crisis rocking some state chapters of the party, would be resolved in a win-win manner.

While assuring the lawmakers that no member of the party has completely lost out in the power play of the party, Oshiomhole said  the outcome of the APC congresses and national convention, threw up fresh challenges for the ruling party.

He, however, declared that the party is large enough to accommodate both old and new members, and resolve all grievances.

He noted that although some members of the party are apprehensive that due to the outcome of the congresses in their respective states, they have lost out in their bid for the party’s ticket for the 2019 general, there is no cause for alarm.

“ We are about to commence looking at complaints from various states.  We are determined to look at each case  on its merit and resolve them in a win-win manner,  so that it is not whether you win or you lose. All of us can be winners. The name of the game is compromise,” he added.

Meanwhile,   Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has insisted that  only justice and equity can enthrone peace in the ruling party.

Dogara while speaking at the meeting explained that justice is sacrosanct and indivisible.

According to him, what constitutes justice to members of the executive arm of government should as well be justice for the legislature.

“Our only expectation is the issue of justice and justice is indivisible. What is justice to the executive should be justice to the legislature and it should be justice to the judiciary.

“What is justice to the President and the Vice President should be justice to the Governor and it has to be justice for the members of the National Assembly, because you can’t divide justice. Once you begin to divide justice you don’t have justice,” he said.

“And once we are able to get these things in their proper perspectives to some extent we will be able to silence the voices of dissent within the party,” he added.

Dogara, however, expressed optimism that the new national chairman would tackle the challenges confronting the party.

“I know that you come well prepared, we can only wish you well and pray for God’s additional wisdom because human wisdom won’t be enough as you navigate very treacherous terrain,” Dogara stated.