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President Muhammadu Buhari

No. I am not talking about the senseless killings across the nation by mercenaries of blood and destabilization whose souls have been stolen by the spirits of Lucipher. They have continued to kill with wanton loss of conscience and sense of humanity.

My real grouse is against those who see political capital in terror; those who want the nation to burn even as they seek to take over power. Those who refuse to bury the spirit that pushed them into the soulless looting prior to the advent of the party of change.

President Muhammadu Buhari has become indestructible for them. So they have chosen to destroy the nation, destroy her people and destroy the future of a recuperating giant which still bleeds under the yoke of corruption that almost suffocated her in the past.

Corruption is endemic and deeply planted in the basic pillars that hold the nation. They have become so brazen and unrepentant; ready to kill, maim and destroy anyone who stands between them and the commonwealth of the nation. They are so used to stealing a heap and give crumbs to the people.

These people have cornered states into their personal estates. They dictate who rules. They dictate what they want to steal, when they want to steal and how people must accept them and their ways of life. The people have no power over them. They are everywhere to sabotage every effort at stopping corruption.

The advent of Buhari has stopped the looting to a large extent. He gives a free hand to anti-graft agencies to bring to book, the voracious hyenas devouring the glory of the nation.

Buhari has improved on our infrastructure. In Kogi State, the Obajana-Kabba road is enough to give him 80% of the total votes from the area. Thousands of youth now enjoy NPOWER. What was stolen in the past is now being given to Nigerians. Why won’t they be angry?

The Senate of any nation is the highest legislative authority. It makes laws and policies that impact positively on good governance and promotion of probity and accountability. We need to ask ourselves what is happening in Nigeria. Because Magu is investigating some powerful Senators, he was denied clearance. Because the Customs Chief was dealing with some illegal importation of vehicles, he was marked for humiliation. The Inspector General of Police has become the hunted because of his commitment to fighting crime. We must begin to impress it on the Senate that the Nigerian people pay for its operations to defend the Nigerian people. We do not pay them to defend themselves even in indefensible cases.

But the Buhari I am seeing is not ready to change the principles that have endeared him to people across the world. His cherubic nature and anti-corruption gene has made him the toast of the masses. 2019 will be between the masses that have been protected against the looters who have been stopped from looting. He has used his Presidency to confirm the confidence of the masses in his administration.

What is the business of the thief with what I do with my good recovered from him? Why are we seeing the audacity of the thieves in Nigeria? Have they become so unconscionable and without the shame cells?

And he is a General, a fearless General that didn’t convert our farm to his farm not our library to his library. A General who won’t be bullied by spent forces and people whose kernels were cracked for them by the gods but who have forgotten their past. A General who is undaunted in his patriotic zeal to free Nigeria of corruption.

The antagonists are pained that Buhari is doing in their states, what they failed to do for their people while in power. PMB has become a standard and a mirror for others to measure their own forgettable pasts. Their people have now seen what a Presidency could do which they failed to do.

The army around the President are the people. The people of Nigeria know him. They trust he won’t steal their resources. They know he will be honest. They know he can’t change his principles.

Even within his APC Family, he has spoken uncomfortable truth many times. He has rescued the party with his truth. He has ensured the right thing was done to save the party from possible collapse and legal humiliation.

They want us to stop remembering the past without knowing that the irrepressible past created the present struggle to stabilize the ship of State.

He is not corrupt, they are. He is honest, they are not. He won’t allow them to steal, they are used to it. They hate the masses, he doesn’t. He is trusted, they are not. He is a success, they failed. He is rebounding the economy they almost killed.

So how will the fight end?

Kingsley Fanwo is the Director General of Media and Publicity to the Governor of Kogi State



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