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Ex BBNaija Housemate(Lolu): I Wanted To Be A CIA Agent, But…



Born Omololu Adetokunbo Shomuyiwa, the ex-Big Brother Naija 2018 contestant has grown to be a toast of many during and after his time in the house. His poise, class and attitude made him a man to reckon with and this, undoubtedly, encouraged MisKay Men, Partick Slim and Mia Atafo to style him. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, he talks about his time in Big Brother Naija house, his career before then, future plans and a lot more

My career on radio started in the university

I went to the University of Ilorin and that was when the radio interest started. I was among some students asked to work at the radio station. Prior to that, my mother was in the media before she passed on and of all her kids, I was the only one with the media flair. My mum always wanted me to be a Doctor, but I’m so far from that right now. As a child, I think I wanted to be like a CIA agent or some agent. I remember there was a time I went on the CIA website looking for a career, but radio came through at the university. During the holidays, I did public relations and from there I started making money to make ends meet, as I had a sister to look after. Investment banking came about and that’s how I moved to London and then came back to radio. I studied Sociology but I had minors in politics, history and business.

I auditioned for Big Brother Africa twice

I auditioned for Big Brother Africa twice and I didn’t get picked, so when the audition for Big Brother Naija was announced I was very reluctant. Besides, I had a job so I felt I should just stick to it. But surprisingly, in one day, nine of my friends called, urging me to go for the audition and that if I didn’t make it, it would be on record that I tried anyway. I was in Abuja at the time and stage after stage of the audition, I kept on moving and then I entered the house. Actually, I had always wanted to be on the show since the first day I saw it. So, I felt if I was on the show I would be more than happy. But after the first two times and after trying a third time, I felt there was no harm in trying again, and here we are today.

I am a very blunt person

I don’t know how to mince words and if I want to say you messed up I would tell you that, and if I want to say you should act right I would say that too. I feel that way, but people perceived it differently and they would say because Lolu knows so much, they perceive him as a threat. But for me though, I didn’t think I was a threat. I just felt that if I was in a position to help anybody at a particular point in time, I should do it and if it’s perceived as a threat, then know that’s not the idea of the conversation.

Anto and I like each other but there is no love affair

Anto and I talk about work and we support each other in every way. We are even about to get on the road together, we support each other and there is no affair yet. If it happens I would let you guys know. Immediately she was evicted and came back to the house, I knew she had like a plethora of information. So I realised there had to be a conversation at a point in time but I don’t think it changed the game, it was just another Big Brother element we didn’t see coming. We have moved on from that like any other person would in life.

Lolu is very single

I’m not in a relationship and as soon as I get into a relationship, the media always have a way of finding out. You would add one and two together, but I feel like when I get into a relationship I’m going to find a way to say it so that those who get the message get the message.





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