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Live Performance Gaining Ground In Nigeria – Abbey



In the music industry, there are musicians that thrive on a live band. The latter seemed more professional having learned the art of Music and more adept at satisfying their fans across the globe Abbey fits into this category. The trombonist having formed his band, The Abinibi Groovy five years ago. He started the Afrocentric Rhythms Concert to bring back the good old days of a live band playing good music from all genres and different artistes performing. In this chat with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the versatile artiste speaks on his career and passion among sundry issues.

Why did you decide to initiate Afrocentric Rhythms Concert?
I appreciate the works of African artistes and promoters who organise concert but the truth is ARConcert tends to bridge the gap which most of them have over lapsed overtime by switching from our own original sounds, unique to us to a foreign sound mostly due to commercial purposes and values but ARConcert intends to show that African rhythms which also have commercial values and reflects how we can easily express ourselves with good lyrics and great sounds.

Is it that other music artistes on concerts by African artistes do not emphasise on the essence of African rhythms?
Sincerely, every music artiste is really trying because it is not just easy to record music and hit it off. It takes what the society wants to listen to. But as time goes balance will be made on it.

What makes your AR Concerts different from others?
It’s different because it’s a platform to revive old musicians and to showcase talented musicians weaved around live music with live band.

For how long have you been a performing artiste and how is the experience?
I’ve been a performing and recording artiste for over five years now which has brought about lot of experiences.

Some live performing artistes like you don’t major in releasing albums or songs, is it deliberate or a function of years of experience?
I really don’t put my efforts in releasing albums or songs but to make sure live music with live band in African style is promoted locally and globally. It isn’t a function of years experience just my deliberate act.

What led you to become a performing artiste and any regrets?
I actually don’t want to see my own performance as important as promoting African rhythms in its originality and alternatives on live stage performance. While do that, I had to come on stage to do my performance to show audiences in attendance that I am not just a promoter but also a performer. I’ve never regretted any of my performances.

Is the live stage performance culture lucrative here in Nigeria?
Live stage performance just have little ground in our society. But this generation is transforming and giving live stage performance more ground which I believe in few years from now would be more appreciated than it was some years back. Few of us seriously can’t stop promoting live music with live band because we believe it will have its place in our society and with that it becomes lucrative more.

What are you bringing to the table this year AR concert 4th Edition?
Afrocentric Rhythms Concert 4.0 is coming up at Freedom Park Lagos Island and it’s the first anniversary of the concert. It’s really going to be a total package live music concert in grand style and nonstop groove with mega and superstars musicians of different genres of music in live music performance with live band. It will be nice to witness it.

What is your take on French President’s visit to the Afrika Shrine?
The French President’s visit to Afrika Shrine on Tuesday was a hat trick visit and world breaking record for our nation. The president didn’t just visit our president or governor but also visit the place of afrobeat origination called Afrika shrine with some cultural exhibitions from all arts. I feel so happy for such achievement to our nation.

How was it like performing at Felabration 2017 and do you think the purpose was achieved?
Felabration purpose is 100% achieved though I missed last year felabration, I really commend the efforts of the organizers for doing well.

Who is Abbey and the Abinibi groovy band?
Abbey and the Abinibi Groovy Band is the stage name I used for myself and the live band. Abbey is a jolly fellow that loves life and wants to make people happy.

What is your take on the music scene in Nigeria and potentials for improvement?
The music industry is forging ahead and can only be as good as we invest in it. Myself, the media talking about it and issues that will move it forward and the government making relevant policies that will promote music and tourism.

How do you relax outside music?
Outside music, I go on social media to see update especially in some social media group to join discussions like football, and general.