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Top Beauty Sleep Inducing Snacks



The age old saying that everyone needs their beauty sleep isn’t an empty cliché used to end a boring or lengthy visit. It is essential that we get our beauty sleep in the appropriate amount, so as to wake up pretty and energized. The trick to ensuring you have your beauty sleep irrespective of stress and worries or body malfunction is not found in a bottle or prescription but in the foods/snacks we take before going to bed. As fashion lovers we are conscious of our skin and take proper care of our body so the following four beauty sleep inducing foods are our new best friends.

Tryptophan is that amino acid we all associate with going into a food coma during Christmas or festive seasons, when we eat our fill and don’t care about consequence. It converts to serotonin and melatonin, which are the brain’s natural relaxation chemicals. Aside from turkey, it’s actually found in a slew of other foods, too. Fruits like bananas, nuts, seeds, honey and eggs typically have more tryptophan in them. Balancing these tryptophan foods with some healthy high-carb foods, such as whole wheat crackers, beans and whole grain pastas actually ensures the tryptophan will stay in your system.

According to these are a few other sleep-promoting bedtimes snacks you can nibble on an hour before you go to sleep:
Banana and nuts: Have half of a banana with a handful of your favourite nuts.

Crackers and peanut butter: Get a few whole wheat crackers and spread on some all-natural peanut butter for a mix of complex carbs and protein with tryptophan.

A bowl of cereal: The milk contains tryptophan and the whole-grain cereal adds the complementary complex carbs. Avoiding sugar helps prevent a sleep-disruptive blood sugar crash during the night.

Cheese stick: Munching on a low-fat cheese stick before bed supplies tryptophan. Plus, a lean protein can leave you calm and less frazzled while keeping your blood sugar on an even keel during the night, according to Kirkpatrick.

Eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime and have a snooze-inducing snack about an hour before you climb under the sheets. You don’t want to go to bed full or completely hungry, both can disrupt your sleep.





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