Former president, Nigerian Institute of management (NIM), Dr. Nelson Uwaga, said that the adoption of business process management will not only help Nigeria economy to be restructured it will aid entrepreneurs in setting up a robust unit which will focus on streamlining the work load and be more productive
Uwaga made the remarks over the weekend in Lagos while speaking at the inaugural lecture of the Business Process Management Institute (BPMI). He spoke on the theme ‘The BPM Strategy: Creating More Value For Nigeria Businesses’, said the institute will help the nation’s economy through creation of jobs and redirect the focus of the public and private sector in their dealing with the consumer
He stated that with rapid advancement in technology, consumers of products and services now have access to vast information at their fingertips than ever before, adding that there is a revolution in customer expectation geared towards speed and flexibility in service delivery. “Managers must therefore build systems that satisfy current yearnings as well as future demands”.
Uwaga disclosed that in future, the workplace will be knowledge-intensive and data-driven. It will be characterized by a rapid change of teams, tasks, and goals. Work will be done anytime and anyplace. organizations will increasingly utilize market principles, flatten their hierarchies, and decentralize decision-making authorities.
On his part a certified process professional and vice president BPMI Debo Adebayo said the lack of Business Process Management related knowledge, to startups and SMEs in Nigeria, and the negative effect of that is huge
He explained that the average SME was aware of what Business Process Management is, and what value it can add to strengthen their business operations, aiding growth and giving competitive advantage, there would be more structured startups, competing favorably both locally and on the global playing field.