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APC And Sen. Magnus Abe’s Clarion Call



Recently the news wave was awash with a press statement issued from the spokesman of Sen. Magnus Abe urging the new All Progressives Congress Party Chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to address the biting issues affecting the party especially in Rivers State where in his word; he said the party is making a caricature of the change they promised Nigerians.

Sen. Magnus Abe who is the only aspirant for the position of Governor of Rivers State to have made known his ambition to govern Rivers State has become the victim of high level political manipulations to ensure that he does not realize his constitutionally guaranteed ambition. The project to stop Sen. Abe which is allegedly powered by the former governor of the state and present minister for Transport Hon. Rotimi Amaechi and what a delegate at the convention described as his band of ‘loyalists’, have continued in their desperation to achieve their inordinate ambition of stalling Sen. Abe defiling all democratic tenets which is against what the party stands for.

Recall what happened during the eve of the Local Government Congress when thugs and personnel of the Federal Special Armed Robbery Squad were mobilized to shut down a state High Court in order to ensure that the court does not sit on an issue concerning Rotimi Amaechi’s faction of the party.

So, when Sen. Magnus Abe urged Chairman Adams Oshiomhle to address the issues that is clearly dragging the party backwards, he is stating clearly the minds of Nigerians and interestingly also, many Nigerians have also expressed the same point of view and if the issues in Rivers state is put into perspective, then it becomes imperative that the party Chairman must expedite action on the matter in order to save the putative dwindling fortunes of the party in Rivers state.

I am not in any way a member of any faction of the party and my making reference to Sen. Magnus Abe’s clarion call should not be insinuated to imply such. The truth is that the problems of Rivers’ APC is solvable and the party can make more inroad if justice is not hanged on the altar of pride and political warlordhip. Different people from different perspectives are trooping to the party not because of the former governor or anybody else but because of the glaring failure of the present administration in the state to deliver. As they defect to the APC, they become lost and confused as to why the party cannot show that it has the capacity to become a model for true democracy which is embedded in freedom and justice. Sadly, I fall among those who decamped to the APC and have become disillusioned by the brazen injustice and disregard for law.

The fact that former governor Rotimi Amaechi helped build the party in the state cannot be disputed but hinging the resort to this impunity that has enveloped the party in the state is to say the least, disappointing.

I always have faith in the person of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to deliver whenever he is given any responsibility. He showed a great deal of resilience during the June 12 struggle days. His work with the late Nigeria Labour Congress president Paschal Bafyau and later his assumption of the office of the president of the labour union can best be described as a golden period for the labour union as well as the civil rights movement.

Edo state was once ridiculed as a state of brazen maladministration but the entrant of Adams as the governor of the state changed the whole narrative. So Nigerians will not be seen to be expecting too much from him when they say he has all the capabilities and capacity to redirect the fortunes of the party which was bruised by the retrogressive and dysfunctional leadership of John Oyegun which would have affected the party adversely.

Justice should be seen as prevailing in the party. It should not just prevail it should be seen and felt as having prevailed. Resorting to caudistic style politicking must not be allowed if the party will gain the acceptance of the generality of the people. Nigeria must be seen to be moving forward not only in other areas but in politics which is the driving force of the Nigerian society.

Resorting to atavistic politics in this present Nigerian society as evident in Rivers APC will not work because we have gone past that era. Such action will only lead to resentment which is not what the party wants today. Like I earlier posited, many people are flocking to the party and the party should not disappoint them. The party cannot be destroyed in the bid to satisfy the whims and caprice of anybody. The party is supreme andit must enforce its supremacy justly. Hopefully, somebody who has all it takes is at the helms today and will not disappoint.

Comrade Nwokoma wrote in from Abuja