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Unreported Side Of World Leaders



Donald Trump
The American President is known to enjoy our steaks that are cooked all the way, and bacon cooked medium with eggs prepared over well. He is also a massive fan of foods such as McDonald’s burgers, fish delight (filet-O- Fish) and cherry vanilla ice cream.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel’s Prime Minister is said to love fruits! An article on about his eating choices said that he only eats fruit and vegetables at government meetings. He snacks on raisins and nuts at other times. However an article by the UK’s Guardian on Netanyahu’s living expenses revealed his love for vanilla and pistachio ice cream.

Uhuru Kenyatta
The Kenyan President is reportedly fond of
Nyama Choma (grilled meat). According to an online report, Kenyatta enjoys Glenlivet whiskey when it comes to his choice of drinks.

Theresa May
The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, in a 2008 article in the Guardian, disclosed that she was partial to the Indian cuisine at Malik’s, a restaurant in her constituency in Berkshire. However, May would rather cook than eat out. The Prime Minister it is said owns over 100 cookbooks and tries new recipes weekly. And she tries out dishes of Yotam Ottolenghi and Angela Hartnett.

Vladimir Putin
Not much is known about the Russian President’s eating habits, safe that he has every food he eats tested for poison. However it has been reported by UK’s Daily Telegraph that he is fond of Pistachio ice cream and beer. But it’s also been said that he is not a big drinker.

Barack Obama
The former United States President is reportedly a massive fan of healthy eating. And while many of us get forced to eat our vegetables, Obama enjoys Spinach and Broccoli. This was discovered through a statement he made at a children’s healthy eating recipe contest. Another article in Washington Post says that the former President can eat nutritious salmon and nut mixes! With a little diversion from healthy, he also enjoys cheeseburgers among others.

Angela Merkel
Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel enjoys homemade comfort food. Her two favorite meals have been reportedly a Hungarian vegetable stew called letcho and a meat and pickled vegetable soup known as solyanka.

Justin Trudeau
The Canadian leader it has been reported enjoys Asian food, specifically sushi. It has also been disclosed that he is a fan of the Sakura Gardens in Montreal. When Trudeau was asked about his choice drink, he picked beer.

Shinzo Abe
The Japanese PM eats a lot of healthy miso, rice and natto (fermented soybeans, pictured) but also admits to hankering after the foods of his youth, mainly ice cream, Korean barbecue and ramen.