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Difficulty Identifying Right Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone?



Forget eyeliner and foundation. Lipstick should be every woman’s make up must-have. With a wide range of colours and brands, there is a lipstick for everyone. Follow these rules, and learn how to find your signature lipstick.

It’s 32°C, you’re outside and you have an event in the evening. Your foundation is melting off your face, your eyeliner is slightly runny and you have no time to go home. That was my story before I discovered lipstick and consigned disastrous afternoons like that to history.No matter the state of your face, a dash of lipstick brightens it up. And that application is stress-free makes Lipstick really all you need.

Actually, Lipstick isn’t new at all! Ancient Mesopotamian women used it to enhance their beauty 5,000 years ago. Sadly, the pigments they used were mostly in red hues and could be linked to different illnesses. Luckily for you, nowadays there are no known diseases associated with rocking a red lip.

Finding The Right Shade.

If you’re light skinned, its best you go for nude or bold colours, as anything in between will make you look washed out. For the darker skinned, reds, purples, pinks and colours with bronze undertones work. They contrast beautifully with your skin tone and give you high impact.

Applying It Right.

When putting on lipstick, you MUST apply lip liner. If used correctly, lip liner enhances the shape of your lips and spices up the colour of your lipstick. Here’s how to best do this:

Use lip liner to exaggerate or straighten out the bow of your lips, depending on how prominent it is.

Liners don’t have to be an exact match with your lipstick. For instance, using a pink lip liner with a creamy orange lipstick creates an ‘Ombre’ effect making your lipstick colour more interesting.

Apply your lipstick following the outline of your lip liner. Smack your lips together then slip tissue in between to matte, and then reapply and smack again. This gives it staying power!

Getting It Right

Some women avoid lipstick fearing it will make their lips too pronounced. The fact is that lipstick actually enhances the lips! With the right colour and proper application, you can play to your strengths.

However, if you need to take attention away from your lips, avoid nudes, and stick to more intense and darker hues of your preferred colour. For example, with Reds, if you are doing a MAC choose the darker and more intense Ruby Woo over its Russian Red if subtle is what you want.

So, with the right lipstick, eye make-up and foundation can be kept to a minimum ensuring that your face looks fresh 24/7, whatever the temperature outside.





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