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Bandits attack village close to Yari’s Home.



Armed bandits have attacked  Danhako village, three Kilo meters away from  Talata Mafara, the country home of Governor Abdul -Aziz Yari. The bandits had encounter with one Samaila at his residence, with intention of kidnapping him but resisted and hitted one of the bandits  with cutlass.The bandits however, opened fire to the victim and hit him on the leg and hand.
On noticing that, the bandit  hitted  with cutlass felled down, the bandits quickly removed  his gun and mobile phone and took  to their  heel, living their colleague in a state comma. On hearing gunshots, residents of the area started running helter skelter, phoning nearby people and security agents for help. The Police came to the scene with  siren a situation that  might  alerted the bandits to move out  quickly.
The stabbed bandit was rushed to hospital along  with  the victim, but the bandit  died on eaching the hospital. The victim  however, narrated that, he was watching how the dead bandit’s colleagues took off his gun and shot him to death, so that he would  not expose them after recovery. Another witness who spoke in condition of anonymity said, the slain bandit was identified as a native of unidentified village around Marinnai village in Sauna district of Talata Mafara local government, and was said to have been seen in several times along Lambar Bakura.