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No Patient Is Living In Yangoji Leprosy Colony – Okechukwu



The coordinator, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Tuberculosis and Leprosy (TBL) Control Programme, Dr Josephine Okechukwu, has disclosed that there is no single active leprosy patient living in the Leprosy Colony in Yangoji, Alheri Settlement, Kwali area council.
In an interview with LEADERSHIP, Okechukwu noted that all the over 60 leprosy cases in the facility have been treated and cured of the disease.

The coordinator however frowned that those treated of the disease, at the facility, have refused to leave the settlement and have been there, getting married and having more children. She noted that over 600 people are living in the settlement, which was originally meant to accommodate 150 inmates.  “Many of them claimed that they don’t know where to go from there and have refused to vacate the facility, even though they have been treated of leprosy and even empowered by government.

Some even bring in their relations to come and live with them there and that is why the number of people living in the facility is very high. The houses there are overstretched, because they were built to accommodate about 150 inmates, but today we have more than 600 inmates in the facility.” Okechukwu disclosed that in the past, government has sensitized and empowered them so that they can go back to where they came from, adding however that they have refused to go back to their homes.
She continued: “So the only thing the government is thinking of doing is to expand the services, because the services there are collapsing.
Their children have also grown to become big girls and big boys. Some of them who have attended primary and secondary schools are still living with their parents there. So, it is a problem for the government.”





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