…as movie Premieres

The much talked about and widely publicised movie on domestic violence ‘Zoe’ has been premiered in Abuja.
The star-studded movie which has topnotch Nollywood actors like Chris Okagbue, Scarlet Gomez, Tony Goodman, Paul Vicks, Stephanie Odinuwe and others paint a picture of the evils of domestic violence.

The Movie Director, ForinClay Ejeh has disclosed that the movie will shed light and equally expose the negative impact domestic violence has on children with the aim to curb the rate of its increase in Nigeria.
In an interview with Stephine Odinuwe who star as “Zoe”, the 10-year-old girl stressed that children should begin to speak out on whatever challenges they are exposed to while Parents should equally pay more attention and listen to their children.
The movie, produced by De Mydas Koncept Inc. is in a series of short soul touching movies that interprets hidden unspoken issues facing everyday people.
Mr Clay Ejeh who doubles as producer and director of the movie emphasised that domestic violence is gradually eating deep into the society and most families are unaware that the worse affected are the children who also suffer.
According Ejeh, a lot of kids who are adults today, grew up depressed as a result of what they were exposed to. They are adults today and never got to speak about what they were exposed to and somehow unknown to them, they pass on this negative attitude to their children.
Ejeh who doubled as the director and producer added that in a case of domestic violence, Silence is never an option as the movie also aims at sensitising the public on the need to always speak out when exposed to any form of domestic violence.
“I have been opportune to speak with some people who never knew that they were depressed, and the children are always at the receiving end. A lot of kids are depressed, a lot of children are going through one sort of pain or the other and cannot speak out as I have had a firsthand encounter with a depressed child and I know what it feels like.
“A house where a child is unsafe is not a home, I am talking of true stories, which we will be shooting subsequently, true event, and true stories from people that we will channel into the big picture” he said.
Ejeh who lamented on the kind of movies churned out movies out in the industry called on young movie producers to start telling the right stories to inspire and motivate people who are going through depression and domestic violence which some have resulted into suicide.
The movie talks about 10-year-old Zoe, whose mother is a victim of incessant domestic violence from her abusive husband, she suffers in silence up to a point where sleep becomes her only escape from her unbearable reality.
It is important to note that an overwhelming preponderance of children exposed to such domestic violence suffer from other psychological conditions such as depression and chronic anxiety.