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MoU: Northern Group Seeks Probe, Prosecution Of PDP, Others



PDP and APC logo joined

The Northern Alternative Forum (NAF) has implored security agencies in the country to investigate allegations that the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Coalition of Unity Political Parties (CUPP) fraudulently included names of some political parties in the MoU they signed to wrestle power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The pro-democracy and good governance group called for the probe and prosecution of key parties in the opposition coalition, including R-APC and nPDP over the alarm raised by the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Accord Party (AP) and other parties that their names were mischievously included in the MoU to deceive Nigerians.

Speaking to journalists at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on arrival from the United Kingdom on Thursday, chairman of NAF, Mallam Gidado Ibrahim, said the group has engaged its legal team to write the Police, Department of State Security (DSS) and other security agencies to probe and prosecute the PDP coalition for forging the signatures of the political parties that cried foul over fraudulent inclusion of their names in the MoU.

Noting that forgery amounts to corruption, Ibrahim regretted that instead of fielding a credible presidential candidate ahead of the 2019 general polls, “the PDP and its affiliates chose to invoke the corruption spirit, which they are known for, by forging the signatures of vulnerable political parties just to hoodwink Nigerians into voting them back to power”.

He said, “Politics is a game of numbers and the PDP, knowing fully well that there are gullible Nigerians that can be hoodwinked into believing that they are still the majority, deemed it fit that the only way it could garner support is to forge signatures of political parties to fake a mega coalition against President Buhari and APC.

“Forgery is a criminal activity and we members of the Northern Alternative Forum have resolved that this corruption allegation bordering on impersonation and forgery won’t go unpunished. So, we have resolved to draw the attention of security agencies to it. We have asked our lawyers to petition the DG SSS and the IGP, urging them to investigate the PDP, the R-APC and other key actors in the charade called CUPP.

“In this business of wrestling power from president Buhari at all cost, forgery has become standard stuff and mischief a major commodity. But just like we have always said, there is no better presidential candidate than President Buhari for now and the quest for a credible candidate other than him may turnout to be a wild goose chase. No politician from the Northern region has so far shown strong political will to change the economic and social fortunes of this country”.

On why the group is insisting on the Buhari presidency in 2019, Ibrahim said, “Neither the ruling APC nor the opposition PDP can boast of a political figure with the will-power to govern Nigeria with its current complexities. The search in PDP is quite herculean for them and they are now resorting to fraud. We urge Nigerians to be wary of the antics of PDP and its co-political travellers so as not to allow them wield the country back to the era of monumental corruption like what we saw in the 16 years of PDP misrule”.

On the spate of killings in the country, the NAF chairman decried the massacre in Plateau, Adamawa, Sokoto and Taraba States, even as he accused those saying the president is shielding killer herdsmen of attempting to destroy the goodwill President Buhari enjoys among the Nigerian populace in order to install another corrupt regime.

“Those who think they can sabotage the Buhari administration through malicious allegations shall soon take their own tea with salt. It is very disappointing and disturbing to see people with bad records in leadership taking Nigerians for a ride. Sadly for them, their campaign of calumny against the president has failed woefully because Nigerians can read between the lines”, Ibrahim stated.

On the federal government N10 billion fund due to be released for victims of Plateau killings who have been displaced from their ancestral homes in the State, Ibrahim urged the presidency to ensure that the administrative office of the president handles the disbursement of the funds to make sure that the real victims of the attacks are ones to benefit from the money.

He drew the presidency’s attention to the fact that it is not only the Plateau residents that are victims, as motorists from neighbouring communities, including members of the APC who were returning from the party’s national convention in Abuja were also attacked, with many of them injured.