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2019: Nigerians Must Resist Another 4 Years Of Hunger, Poverty – Lamido



A former governor of Jigawa State and presidential hopeful on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Sule Lamido, has called on Nigerians not to repeat the mistake of 2015 that brought on board the present government of the All Progresives Congress (APC).
Lamido, who is seeking to displace President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019 on the PDP platform, urged Nigerians to liberate themselves from the shackles of untold hardship, hunger and poverty brought upon them by the APC.
The presidential hopeful, who made the call during a consultation meeting with the leadership of the PDP in Kaduna State, said PDP as a party has learnt her lessons and has taken necessary steps to remedy them accordingly.
He therefore called on the electorate to unite and salvage the country from the present insecurity, armed banditry, kidnapping, hunger and abject poverty.
According to the two-time Jigawa State governor, “I have come to consult with the PDP leadership and members of Kaduna State chapter and to intimate them that I will be seeking the party’s ticket to run for the 2019 presidency.
“Nigeria and Nigerians have suffered a lot from the failed promises of the present administration and the need to salvage it can never be apt now more than ever, and am offering myself for that singular job.

“Today, Nigeria have never been so insecure like it is now, bombings and killings every where. We need a sincere leader whose words will be his bond.

“The APC prove to be government of angels, are they angelic in their dealings? They say they are fighting corruption, are they not corrupt too? The stealing in this government is much compared to what the APC is alleging that the PDP stole.

“Today we have history of PDP and APC history of anger, hunger, frustration and poverty. The APC as a party have only succeeded in sowing seed of discord among Nigerians and the PDP is ready more than ever before to right the wrongs come 2019.

“ APC is accusing PDP of looting the treasury in our 16 years rule, but those in APC today served in those 16 years of PDP rule either as governors, Speakers. Senators, House of Representative members, Ministers, Ambassadors among several other capacities but today, they are saints because they are now in the ruling party.

“ Let it be known that nothing last forever, today APC is busy blackmailing and labelling PDP members as thieves, when they are no longer in power, they are likely to feel how it taste to call people thieves, it is for that singular reason that they are afraid and taking to intimidation and all forms of harassment.

“ We are ready to change the narratives for the better come 2019 and if given that opportunity through my party, I will render selfless service to the betterment of the country and her people”.

Earlier, Kaduna State PDP chairman, Felix Hassan Hyet, promised to pray for the best leader that will fly the party’s flag to victory come 2019.

In his words to the presidential hopeful, “You are a man whose words is your bond. We will put you in our prayers. Power comes from God, we can however attest to the fact that you are one of the finest leader the PDP has ever produced”.

Lamido later paid a visit to another Presidential aspirant on the same platform, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi at his Kaduna residence and had a brief closed-door meeting with him.