The Kwara State’s chapter of the Buhari Campaign Organisation (BCO) was yesterday launched in Ilorin, the state capital amidst tight security.
There was tight security around the BCO office, venue of the launch, which is located adjacent to Kwara Hotels along Ahmadu Bello Way, GRA, Ilorin.
Speaking with newsmen at the event, state coordinator of BCO, Alhaji Alhassan Suleiman said the group was pushing for Buhari’s second term in office because the President has demonstrated commitment to the fight against corruption and has been faithful to his promises to Nigerians.
He added: “We Kwarans we are in support of President Muhammadu Buhari for the 2019 election. We want the whole world to know, we want Nigerians to know that whatever anybody is saying, 99.9 per cent of the people of Kwara are solidly behind President Buhari’s re-election.
“We are supporting him because even though some people might not be happy by what is happening but some of us know that since he assumed office he has been able to deal with some of the issues he promised Nigerians. One of them is the issue of corruption. That one alone is something that is commendable. He promised Nigerians and he is addressing those issues very ably. We know that some people are not happy about the fight against corruption and if we have somebody who has given himself to fight corruption we should all queue behind him.”
In his remarks, a labour leader, Comrade Isa Aremu described Buhari’s government as a foremost labour-friendly administration which is also committed to due process and has been turning around the national and state economies.
He said the government is also pro-poor with the takeoff of the Conditional Cash Transfer programme in 23 states, a development he said needs to be expanded to other states when Buhari is re-elected.
He added l: “I’m here wearing another cap, in addition to my labour cap. I want to say as a labour leader that Buhari is labour friendly; he has implemented policies that are labour friendly and that have won the hearts of the Nigerian working class. First he is the first president in Nigeria that has wondered how some state governors could sleep when their workers have not been paid.
“He has also been paying his workers as at when due and not only that he has thought outside of the box and provided bailouts to help some state governors who are not able to pay. And he walks his talks. We are extremely grateful to the President. Not only that, in reaction to the agitation by the NLC and TUC, the federal government under Buhari has set up the Minimum Wage Committee to review the minimum wage in the country and negotiations are under way and we are very confident that with this administration we are going to have a good result. So the least we can do is to support the continuity of this labour-friendly government.”
On the economy he said the government has initiated and issued three executive orders that are impacting the economy. “They have to do with the ease of doing business and the one that really interest us is the one on patronage of Made-in Nigeria goods, such that today all the businesses in Aba have been revived as they are making shoes because the Ministry of Defence has been directed to patronise locally produced goods. Also in textiles there are lot of activities now with the police and others to ensure that they patronise locally produced textiles. For me that has eased the cost of doing business,” he said.
“This government has demonstrated a commitment to democratic process. And there is no better evidence than what happened on June 12 when the historic injustice that was done to the election was reversed by Buhari. That has healed the wounds and closed the chapter about June 12. In fact the point Buhari is trying to make is that never again should anybody annul democratically conducted election”, he said.
“This government is also poor-friendly; the Conditional Cash Transfer is very significant. For the first time in our history we have Buhari who is treating the poor and their rights to national resources, as a matter of right and not as hand-outs. Some people are saying put the money into projects and the question is what projects?
“Don’t forget the Obasanjo and Yar’Adua government collected this type of money and said they put it into projects but where are the projects. That is why the World Bank agreed and said transfer this money legitimately to the people. That N5, 000 monthly is very significant for many people and it is running in about 23 states now. We think Buhari deserves re-election to make sure that this projects run across all the states,” he added.