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Nigerian Politicians As Special Breed



Nigeria politicians are a special breed and made from a different cut from all their counterparts in the world. An average Nigerian politician has no ideology and lacks character. It is instructive to note that politicians colluded with the military in all the coups that had taken place in the country just for their selfish interest. When their interest is not served, they call their military friends to sieze power.
It’s that time of the year again when pettifoggers, masquerading as politicians, perfect plans to hoodwink gullible Nigerians. Last week , the RAPC, led by Buba Galadima, in what sounded more like a coup speech, reeled out reasons the APC has failed. I knew some people behind the scenes were beating the drum for Galadima and few days later, they went into a coalition with PDP.
In the new coalition, I saw that Senator Dino Melaye, who had said unprintable things about the PDP in the past, has now found love in the arms of the opposition party. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who had torn his PDP card and vowed not to touch the party with a ten-foot pole, is also in an incestuous relationship with the PDP. Never believe anything a Nigerian politician tells you.
I have said it several times on this page that APC mismanaged its victory after the 2015 polls. The party threw away people who used their blood, sweat and money to secure victory for the party. They were treated like lepers by the presidency who thought President Muhammadu Buhari got to power on his own strength. I remember Buhari got 12 million votes in his three previous attempts but still lost the elections, it was when a coalition came together that Buhari was able to win in 2015. The president’s aloofness to the party contributed to the seemingly implosion of the party but that is a matter for another day.

The APC was a party in power and opposition at the same time. The National Assembly was so hostile that you will be forgiven to think it was controlled by the opposition. Most of the lawmakers were APC by nomenclature in the morning and PDP at night. I was not suprised that Dino and Senator Shehu Sani left the APC, by their contributions on the floor of the Senate, you will not be surprised.
Even the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was never seen as an APC man by his party as he rode to power on the back of the opposition in the Senate. In the House of Representatives, the opposition lawmakers got the juiciest committees as a pay back for their abutment.
When I read about the coalition on Monday, I had a good laugh. In their statements, they were saying the right buzzwords- restructuring and devolution of powers. The opposition, PDP, knew that on their own, they cannot wrest power from Buhari as the party has an image problem. An average Nigerian associates kleptocracy with the PDP, because in Nigeria’s years of milk and honey, the party purloined the nation’s treasury.

If you think the new coalition will take Nigeria out of the doldrums, you need to see a psychiatrist. If you think the coalition has Nigerians at heart and wants to solve the myriad of problems confronting us, then you need to see a psychiatrist and a Pastor or Imam for deliverance. It’s all about politics, selfishness and interest.
What will tear the coalition apart is the presidential candidate. We have more than 10 people who want to be president and who feel the presidency is their birthright. At 72, this is Atiku Abubakar’s last chance. In 2023, the south will be shouting it’s their turn so it’s a case of now or never for Atiku. I can bet my paycheck that Atiku will defect to another party if he loses the PDP presidential primaries. We have an Obasanjo with his overbearing influence, who will want to determine who gets the presidential ticket of the coalition.
In Nigeria, performance has never determined results of election – religious and ethnic sentiments determine who becomes president .

Who Wins Ekiti Guber Election?

Ekiti people will go to the polls tomorrow to determine who becomes their next governor. Yesterday night, the debate for the candidates took place. But in Nigeria, debates don’t determine who wins elections. Speak the best grammar, and reel out the best manifestos but the average man on the street will ask, “who grammar and manifesto help?”
It’s funny how Ekiti, a state that boasts of the highest professors in Nigeria, can be befuddled with Ayo Fayose’s stomach infrastructure. Fayose’s claim to fame and achievement, is criticising President Buhari and eating kpomo on the streets.
For how long will Ekiti people mortgage their future for a pot of porridge? Like we say in local parlance, “shine your eyes”.
Like I said, achievements don’t determine whether a candidate will win election or not. Kayode Fayemi performed creditably well in his first term but the people accused him of being an “Aradite” and running an elitist government. He lost abysmally at the polls as he thought his performance would earn him a second term.
The election tomorrow is a do-or-die affair for Fayose as his political future rests on his deputy winning the election.



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