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The Ekiti Conundrum, A Chance Lost



The more we expect things to change towards the wing of real progress, the more we are glued to what we frown at yesterday.
The Ekiti State gubernatorial election is here, unfortunately, the exercise will sail uneventfully with no tangible lessons to draw- it will leave same tales of woes, gaps and jabs.
Elections ideally provides the electorates the opportunity to measure the preparedness of candidates and their parties. In this clime, we are left more starved of ideas as candidates engage themselves in vain dances of shame.
This is the Nigerian reality and this is not new and will continue to be, because we are a people of no reference to history; we do same thing perennially, expecting change.
The ruling party led this infamy, when speakers upon speakers mounted the podium of the grand rally, for her gubernatorial candidate, Dr John Kayode Fayemi, to spew inanities instead of ideas.
They took a huge chunk of the campaign rallying time, throwing jibes at the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The juvenile-like session was so pedestrian, that the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Dr Chris Ngige, tragically played to the gallery, when instead of calling for votes for Dr Fayemi, whimsically asked voters to cast their votes for Fayose! His saving grace however, is that Mr Fayose won’t be on the ballot paper come Saturday 14th.
This is what you get when you leave issues to chase shadows. It took the maturity of the president, who brought in some flickers of ideas, otherwise – the APC rally in Ekiti left disgusting sour taste of political engagement.
The PDP didn’t fare any better, as it also took the infamous lane of political engagement by regurgitating lame doses of gutter politics. The party was so disgusting in her engagement that the incumbent governor didn’t only overshadow the candidate running for the Guber seat in Ekiti, but set the tone, for acerbic invectives on President Muhammadu Buhari.
Put on the same wavelength of measurement, the All Progressives Congress and the People’s Democratic Party; two leading parties in the country, didn’t, in any logical manner, set any meaningful agenda in the forthcoming gubernatorial Ekiti election. On their heels, are a barrage of uncouth language, acidic venom and highly polarised electorates. When takeaways are sought, ideas for electoral strengthening would be far-fetched and deadly non-available. Like before, we are stuck with the vicious chain of stagnation.
A nation suffers when there is no ideology that defines her aspirations. People do things here motivated by the pendulum of personal gains and vested interest. Those who bring forth themselves to serve are propelled essentially, by what they stand to gain and not necessarily what they want to contribute to the nation. That is why, two brothers from the same state, with monolithic faith, who desire to serve their people, would take up arms maiming, hacking and slighting themselves. A desire propelled by genuine intentions to serve the people cannot be anchored in constricted struggles where lives are senselessly lost. Democracy exists to prosper standard of living and not to end life. The time is now, to change this perennial attitude of bitterness towards elections to more embracing engagement anchored essentially on ideas.



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