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Abuja’s Top Comedians Keeping The Industry Alive



In Abuja, few comedians have distinguished themselves in the comedy and compere industry. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM brings you the top eight comedians Abuja can’t do without.

Stand-up comedians usually write, direct and perform their own materials. In some cases, as they become more established, they may also work with another writer, or with a team of writers.

Most of their research is unstructured; an example is they may work from news items for topical material or from their particular passion or interest. Their script may grow, or be adapted, in response to their interaction with the audience.

Stand-ups acknowledge the audience’s presence, and work with them. Some Stand ups work in character, and use costume and/or other props to create an alter ego to interact with the audience.

Stand ups may employ agents, managers or producers, but they normally retain overall control of their work.

They create an on stage personality to deliver the stuff to their audience. They must be able to adapt their script quickly to reflect changing circumstances, as well as in response to the audience’s reaction. They may develop an overall structure for the act, into which they slot references to current events, news items, etc. If they work in character, they can react within that character, which may be very different from their own; the rigidity of the characterisation allows them on-stage flexibility.

Occasionally Stand ups work with a director to stage their act, but this is unusual – for the most part they direct themselves. Peer feedback is important to improve on their act, suggest what works best for them, and how to strengthen their performance.

Abuja Top 8 Comedians

Bob Anasi (M.c Bob): Born in Cross River State and based in Abuja. Known for his creative spontaneity, he is the king of Colabo and his body language while delivering his jokes is ultimate. He is the host of “M.C Bob the Magnificent comedy show”.

Lukman (Amb. Wahala):

He is a Lagos-state born comedian based in Abuja and known for mimicking the former First Lady of the federal republic of Nigeria (Dame Patience Jonathan)

Ndubiusi Joseph (Shortcut):

The Abia State-born act is based in Abuja and he is known for his dress sense, hilarious jokes and collaboration strength with his friend M.C BOB. He is working on his show “leave comedy for Shortcut”

There is no doubt that Chucks D General is the biggest comedian in the Federal Capital City, Abuja. The Delta-born comedian is known for his spontaneous jokes, which stand him out from the crowd. A graduate of statistics from the Nasarawa state university, Keffi, Chucks D General is carving a niche for himself in the comedy business filled with heavyweights.

Gbadamasi Bernard (Koboko Master):

The comedian who hails from Edo State is based in Abuja. He is one of the best football analysts and known for his aggressive way of cracking the audience up. He is the host of the annual comedy show “Sportekally Funny”

Peter Ogbudo (Ghana Must Go):

He is from Delta State though also based in Abuja. The  on Air personality (Hot FM Abuja) is known for his hilarious jokes and he is the host of the annual comedy show “The Vintage.”

7. Sosthenes Ayuba (Dr. Ayuba):

He is a corporate comedian/master of ceremonies who has carved a niche for himself in the industry and thus become a household name in most corporate and high profile events. His command of the English language and time management make him a preferred choice when quality matters. Dr. Ayuba is from Kaduna State and does not want to be regarded as the leading comedian from the North but a true Nigerian with no boundary that represents everything Nigerian. He has helped comedians become better as the President of the Abuja Body of Comedians (ABC) through his capacity building concept in making comedians think more, do more and become more. Not surprising that he is called ‘MASTER’. He believes in the good of others and aspire to see himself in others. He has worked closely with the likes of Ebere Young, Dayo Laniyan (DOXA), Eugenia Abu, Collins Adeyemi, Andy Gabriel, Ali Baba. To mention a few. He’s done so much to create a brand for himself with his signature performances thereby gaining overwhelming acceptance by most corporate outfit.  He is a multi-talented personality and his style and class is undoubtedly appealing. He has several awards to his kitty. Interestingly, Dr. Ayuba has worked with the Central Bank of Nigeria for over a decade before his retirement in 2004. He is one comedian you can be rest assured to deliver… when quality matters.

8. Stainless Precious:

This Imo State born comedian and compere is the second son and third in a family of six children. He grew up in Lagos, Abuja and Imo states. Stainless doubles as a psychologist and a comedian of over 15 years in the industry. He is the CEO of Household of Comedians and the first ever organiser of the Entertainer’s Charity Football Match since 2011.





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