Confusion and anxiety have engulfed the Idu-Koro community, in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), following the sudden disappearance of a 6-year-old baby girl, Chimemela on Tuesday, earlier this week.

The mother of the missing child, Vivian Sunday, told newsmen that her daughter had gone to ease herself, at a nearby bush, close to their house and has not returned home, since then.

According to her, “At about 2pm, she told me that she wanted to go and ease herself at a nearby bush, near our house and I told her to wait for me to put water on the fire, so that I could escort her. But after putting the water on fire, I found out that she had already gone.

As she wasn’t quick in coming, I told her brother to go and look for her and he came back to tell me that he didn’t see her. We then went to the bush, which is close to an estate and looked for her, but couldn’t find her.

We saw some children and made enquiries from them, if they had seen her, but they said that they saw her walking ahead of one lady and when they called her, she didn’t answer.”

Village head of the community, Chief Mohammad Bawa, who condemned the incident, noted that last year, two children in the area were equally reported missing.

Bawa called on God and the appropriate authorities to come to the aid of the community, adding that such evil deeds were strange among residents of the community.

“Children are the leaders of tomorrow and if they continue to disappear into thin air, who will be our leaders in the future. You send your children to school or left them in the house or farm, and you will not be sure of meeting them, when you are back. This is an abomination,” he condemned.

The paramount ruler of Ndigbo in the community, Eze Jude Igwe, also condemned the constant disappearance of children in the area, just as he called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, do something about the ugly happenings.

Igwe, however, urged parents to be cautious about the safety of their children, even as he called on the law enforcement agencies not to rest until the perpetrators of the evil practice are brought to book.