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Italy Prisons’ Theatre Culture Seeks Support



Italy’s National Theatre Day In Prison, a cultural activity, employing and situating theatric activities within and outside Italy’s Prisons, organised to battle habitual relapse into crime, is seeking support.
President of the National Theatre Coordination In Prisons, Italy, Vito Minoia, made this known at the Fifth (V) National Theatre Coordination in Prisons held recently in Italy to commemorate the World Theatre Day.
Minoia emphasised that despite signs of positive change in the prison and theatrical universe – despite the success of the initiative “promoting qualitative high theatrical and cultural intervention in Italian prisons that significantly reduce the thresholds of recidivism” the initiative still faces risk of closure.

“Unfortunately, quality work does not always correspond with greater attention in terms of support, but we continue to assist in some territories, in particular, the fragility of significant experience that every year must face problems of survival and remain at risk of closure,” Minoia lamented in a release published by the International Theatre Institution (ITI).
The National Theatre Day in Prison is founded by the National Theatre Coordination in Prison, Italy, in collaboration with Italy’s Ministry of Justice, the Department of Penitentiary Administration since 2014. The collaboration came up with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in 2013, which was renewed in 2016 to include the participation of the Roma Tre University, and the interpretation of an operating appendix in the MoU in 2017 that encouraged the registration and membership of the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Community.
This year, the event’s presence increased, involving 16 Italian regions, 58 universities, schools, theatres and local authorities, 56 institutes, 102 events inside and outside prisons and over a thousand citizens’ participation.
“These were all aimed at favouring the social re-integration of people recruited through initiatives that produce significant lowering of the risk of recidivism,” Minoia said.
In addition, this year’s edition was in conjunction with the World Theatre Day (WTD), promoted by the global ITI UNESCO, in collaboration with the Italian Centre of the ITI, the National Association of Theatre Critics, and the European magazine, Cartasi Theatres of Diversities.
The initiative is also set to organise the fifth review of ‘Destini Incrociati’, the highest point of comparison of the theatre in Italian Prisons.




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