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Senator Bukar Ibrahim’s Poorlitics Details How To Win Elections With Little Fund, Zero Thuggery



Ex-governor of Yobe State and senate member, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, has written a new book, Poorlitics that details how to win votes from the people with little fund and zero thuggery.
Poorlitics, which is based on the politician’s experiences, relies on the principle of prospective leaders “delivering value to the people as a basis to win democratic elections, by building trust, love and support through honest contributions that benefit the people before seeking office, which convinces electorates of their sincerity, thereby earning their consistent financial support and votes”.

The book is set to launch on Monday 23rd July, 2018.
Written in a period when Nigeria’s polity is ridden with expensive election practices that leave the elected paying off their costly support than focus on serving the public, Ibrahim says Poorlitics – politics of the poor – reduces election cost, use of thuggery or rigging, as the people whose services have been delivered to before the election will reward candidates’ devotion via their votes.
The author believes when more people are taught the principles of Poorlitics, it can alter the nature of politics in Nigeria.
Although quite idealistic, the politician, taking steps realise the ideal, aims to initiate an educational process on how best to impart Poorlitics’ principles in prospective young leaders with less funds to have better opportunity for leadership.
In addition, he says part of the proceeds from the book launch, will go to aiding the IDPs and educating the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).