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I Joined Politics As Novice – Imoke



Former Cross River State governor, Sen Liyel Imoke, yesterday, told youths in the state that he joined politics as a novice with an intention to serve his people with no intention to use the power to satisfy his personal gain.

Imoke, made the remark while addressing about a thousand youths at the 8th Career Day event organised by The Bridge Leadership Foundation (TBLF) ( Imoke’s pet project)  in Calabar, and stressed that the country can only thrive as a nation if all iota of ethno religious/cultural sentiments were removed in the polity of the nation.

The immediate past governor maintained that as a youth, he wanted an opportunity to serve his people so that he can help in impacting on every aspect of the people’s lives in his father land, saying that the country can only thrive economically and politically if all tribal/ ethnic sentiments that had taken the country anti-clock wise, were removed.

He advocated for a mindset that can make all Nigerians see themselves as one, saying if Nigerians can manage themselves properly, the diversity, which exists in language, culture and religion would mean nothing to the people but instead, make the people peacefully co-exist as one.

He enumerated the three types of people who exist in Nigeria to include, the self -centered class of individuals who, the former governor, said are the idiots, the second type are the tribesmen who take delight in offering help in terms of employment opportunities to only their kinsmen, with the third category of individuals as the citizens who can stand for all notwithstanding the ethno-religious differences that exist.

He said that as an individual, he doesn’t believe in the syndrome of ‘unless someone comes from my tribe, I won’t give him any opportunity to advance whatever course that the individual is set to pursue,’ lamenting that religious/ethnic sentiments have done the country so much harm than good.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Youths and Governance: The Future We Want,’

Imoke urged Nigerian youths not to be engage in politics that is based on ethno-religious sentiments but politics of true citizens so that they help in building a strong and virile nation.



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