The National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF), has urged the Federal Government to ignore the threat to ban Nigeria by FIFA, saying that is an empty one.

The NANF in a letter to the minister of Youth and Sports said the threat was conceived to shield corruption in Nigeria Football which the FIFA and CAF Presidents are beneficiaries with a view to arm twist and intimidate the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The letter signed by NANF National President, Mr. Harrison Jalla implores the Federal Government to remain unshaken and ignore the FIFA President, Mr. Gianni Infantino’s ban issued on the July 13, 2018 in an arranged question and answer session segment of a press briefing in Russia and therefore urged the minister of Sports not to dissipate energy on the matter as stakeholders can handle it.

The NANF explained that the issue of undue interference by FIFA in the internal affairs of the NFF was resolved in 2011 vide a letter dated 9th of August 2011 from the former Minister of Sports, Mallam Suleiman Yusuf to FIFA and former FIFA President, Joseph Blatter’s response of 1st September 2011 after the crisis that engulfed Nigeria Football in 2010.

The association noted that the current crisis is a child’s play compared to the 2010 crisis that led to the General Dominic Oneya’s Committee when it was set up to reach amicable resolutions, adding that if that report had been implemented, Nigeria should have averted the current crisis.

Jalla further said; “There was no other option to this noble decision as both parties have benefited from the legal process on its way to the Supreme Court and the NANF indeed emphasised this is our letter to your esteemed office dated 22nd of May 2018.

“The campaign for FIFA ban has been a lucrative business for a section of the media and football stakeholders who are perpetual looters of our football treasury over time.

“Disputes and disagreements are inevitable in any corporate organisation and if properly resolved within the ambit of the law, it goes a long way to deepen, strengthen and properly structure the system. That is why England is running the most successful professional league in the world today.They went through the mill and resolved their disputes within the ambit of their laws.

“We thank you sincerely for standing on the side of truth and justice by insisting that parties in the recent Supreme Court judgment in suit number SC731/2016 should comply with the judgment.”

NANF said it has in the light of the foregoing formally informed FIFA in a letter dated 11th of June 2018 to steer clear of the current situation in Nigeria having been a party with the federal government to proffer solution to NFF internal crisis in 2011.