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Alleged NYSC Certificate Forgery Against Finance Minister, Affront On Yoruba Race, Says Group



The Oduduwa Development Initiatives (ODI), has risen in defence of the minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, saying the alleged NYSC discharge certificate forgery allegation is an affront on the Yoruba race.

Addressing the press in Abuja, the President, Mr Olasumbo Akinyele, said the initiative will not tolerate any attempt by any group or persons to bring to disrepute “our sister’s hard earned reputation.”

Akinyele said; “It is a pity that some persons beclouded with ethnic judgment, treachery, and a high disposition to pulling down any person perceived to be a stumbling block to their despotic agenda are at it again with the sole aim of dragging the person of Kemi Adeosun to disrepute.

“The Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun is a beloved daughter of Yoruba land that has proven the worth of her experience which is visible in the way she has manned the economy that was collapsing until her appointment. She is a woman of impeccable ability, outstanding influence and a woman desirous of uprightness.

“This concern has generated a lot of agitations, consequently the group, based on our objectives to support our own that is doing well in chosen career gathered at Abuja to register our displeasure on the NYSC exemption letter imbroglio.

“Having painstakingly studied the media blackmail, and uncomplimentary comments on Kemi Adeosun, we considered it pertinent to make our position known to the Nigerian populace that the Oduduwa Development Initiatives will not tolerate any attempt by any group or persons to bring to disrepute our sister’s hard earned reputation. We wonder when it has become an offense to contribute positively to nation’s development,” he queried.

He there condemn what he called sinister move to ridicule Adeosun saying she is also not guilty to have stayed back after her studies as long as the reasons for that action are reasonable and justifiable.

He therefore called on Nigerians to dispose of idea of pulling down the country’s best for political gain. “This is part of the reason why our best hands don’t want to get involve in salvaging a drowning economy,” he claimed.





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