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Panic In APC As Party Leadership Commences Staff Audit



 There seems to be a quiet storm brewing within the  ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) as the new leadership has commenced move to ascertain the true staff strength of the party.

LEADERSHIP gathered that on assumption of office, the Comrade Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee (NWC) was shocked at the staff strength of the party and the method some of them allegedly found their ways to becoming staff members.

The new APC National Chairman had, in a recent meeting, told staff of the national secretariat of the party to rededicate themselves in line with the new realities in the party and be ready for the changes that will occur.

LEADERSHIP reports that while holding a meeting with the staff of the party, moments after taking over from his predecessor, Oshiomhole made good the promise of the “new realities” on ground by sacking a man that had been claiming to be the party’s Director of Finance for the past four years.

LEADERSHIP also reports that at the moment, the party has only two full-fledged Directors, that of Administration and Organization.

It was gathered that the  “imposter Director of Finance” was said to have worked with the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) as Director of Finance and had sought to become the Director of Finance in of the APC.

However, before he could process the application, there was a change of guard at the party even though he had been reporting for duty on a daily basis with no employment letter to that effect.

A source who confided in LEADERSHIP said that the new Chairman had expressed the possibility of downsizing of those identified as idle workers in the secretariat stressing that all staff must have one function or the other to perform.

Oshiomhole, the source added had told staff that a situation were drivers were more than the number of available vehicles within the secretariat will no longer be allowed, insisting  that all those who have no business in the party secretariat should be shown the way out.

A staff member who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity while agreeing with the current move said the staff audit at the secretariat was long overdue because of late it has become increasingly difficult for the party management to pay wages on time.

“When we came in, we were about 70, now the register reads about 300 persons and you wonder when and how the appointments were made. This simply explains why salaries could not be paid as at when due. This thing is not good“, the source said.

However, another staff member expressed displeasure over the audit saying it was a clandestine move to weed out some of them who had laboured for the party from the period leading to the merger up until now.

“ This move is geared toward removing persons some of the management are not comfortable with especially those of us who came through party leaders that are at loggerheads with the party.

“We had slaved for the party and is this how we are going to be repaid? This is a political party and not a government parastatal for goodness sake. Our fate is in the hands of the almighty”, the source said.

While reading the Riot Act to staff at an inaugural meeting, the new chairman was also gathered to have said that even though the APC was a party secretariat, it will be administered like every other office, stressing that all staff must henceforth report for duty as early as 8.00am.

He also directed the staff to stop loitering around the secretariat during working hours even as he assured staff of better welfare packages.