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Ukrainian University Partners Ogun To Boost Agriculture



Leadership Nigeria News Today

The Foreign Trade and Investment Services Africa, which has been in partnership with the Ogun State Government on Skills development of the youths has announced a new collaboration with a foremost Ukrainian University, V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University, to further improve on entrepreneurship development in the state.

Country director of foreign trade and investment services, Africa, Dr. Cliff Ogbede, said the university which was established in 1804 prides itself as one of the oldest and best universities in Eastern Europe, having produced at least three Nobel Prize Laureates- namely; Llie Mechnikov (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine) Simon Kuznet (1971 Nobel Prize in Economics) and Lev Landau (Nobel Prize in Physics).

According to Ogbede, the collaboration with V.N Karzin Kharkiv National University offers an opportunity for Nigerian students and working class individuals to learn new skills especially in agriculture value chain, entrepreneurship, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) within the states and local governments, healthcare delivery towards increasing average life expectancy, Occupational Safety and Health.

Ogbede stated that his organisation which was successfully executing a world class skills development program in partnership with the Ogun State government considered the challenges of unemployment by developing training modules which will help to equip the Nigerian students with skills that would improve a trainee’s technical ability in a chosen course of study.   

The programme equally affords Nigerians an opportunity to study short – term online courses which would lead to issuance of V.N Karazin Kkarkiv National University certificates.

In addition to several benefits, the certificate issued by V. N karazin National University of Ukraine upon graduation provides a gateway for Nigerian students to secure local and foreign employment, access to international start-up funds for new entrepreneurs and opportunity for further studies in the university in Ukraine.

The collaboration would encourage undergraduate exchange programme which would enable Nigerian students to transfer their grades from an indigenous university and proceed to graduate in the university in Ukraine.