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Is Spanking Children An Effective Consequence?



Spanking is a corporal punishment involving the act of striking the buttocks to cause physical pain, generally with an open hand. Parents commonly spank children in response to undesired behaviour.

Often, parents rely on spanking to fix behavior problems without trying alternative discipline options. Most time , parents react out of anger or fear, without a clear plan in place for discipline.

Spanking a child might even cause more problems than it cures.  A child who gets spanked for arguing with his sister won’t learn how to get along better in the future. Effective discipline should teach new skills, causing corresponding change in behaviour.

It raises self-esteem issues, they may begin to think am not always acting right, they feel less motivated whereby causing childen not to improve and get better at the end. It confuses children on making better judgement.

There are better means to discipline a child. There should be appropriate measure for each offence. For example, a child that marks the wall should wash such wall. This is to make him have respect for property. Taking away privileges can make a child adjust as well,the likes of TV Shows,  Video Games, toys etc.All these are better means than spanking that will just hurt or pain for few seconds .