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NGO To Tackle Youth Unemployment, illiteracy In Northern Nigeria



Black Fragrance foundation founded by Mr Emmanuel Akapo last week officially unveiled its foundation in Lagos set to empower youths via education and skill acquisition.

According to the founder, Emmanuel Akapo, Black Fragrance’s vision is to contribute significantly to the global effort to end poverty in Africa, and to secure a brighter future for children through access to quality and inclusive education. The founder takes his searching to Northern path of Nigeria where youth literacy is at its lowest ebb.

He stated, “According to UNESCO, Nigeria has fifteen million children between ages five to fifteen who are out of school. This lack of quality education and poverty are a time bomb and  we want to contribute significantly towards abating these challenges in Nigeria though not through the usual aids and handouts approach, but through a social entrepreneurship model. We run as a social enterprise that seeks to foster sustainable development in Nigeria through entrepreneurial and social innovations that improve access to education, strengthen the creative economy, and develop enterprise. We will create goods and services in the creative industries and plough back a huge chunk of our profits into empowering the underserved in our society”

To this end, the foundation has established a design academy known as “Black Fragrance School of Design” and a design company by the name “Black Fragrance Designs International”.

Giving his reason for choosing to work in the creative industries, one of the most under-exploited sector of the Nigerian economy. Akapo stated that the world’s most successful economies have over the last decade leveraged on digital technology to create exponential growth and development in their creative industries. “UK creative industries generate £91.8 billion a year amounting to 3.5% of their GDP, while those of the US generate $729.6 billion, amounting to 4.2% of their GDP.

In Nigeria, despite receiving very little support, the creative sector is one of the fastest growing and most prospective sectors of the economy. According to the national accounts, in the first quarter of 2017 alone, the creative industry grew by 12%, contributing 1.2% to the country’s GDP; generating revenue of $5.915 billion. So the objective of Black Fragrance Creative Economy Support Program is to create sustainable creative businesses which will grow and lead to job creation. This will in turn contribute to the diversification and growth of the economy and lead to poverty reduction.”