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The Day People Sold Their Birthrights In Ekiti



You collected money to vote for me to serve you and expect me to work for you, who is going to pay me in return?
The above scenario is the reality of our time, people trade off their dignity to get peanuts from politicians and then expect good governance. It is just not possible, the day you pushed the man seeking for an office to part with his money, that day you sold your right to ask for good governance and accountability.

For the Nigerian electorate, I sincerely feel no pity for you because you are the reflections of the decadence in the society. You pushed those who want to serve you to the extreme by selling your support and votes. To meet your greed, they go deep in search of monies to satisfy your unquenchable desires for immediate crumbs. Perpetually, you put them under undue pressure, during conventions, they pay for your votes, during party primaries, you ask for money. These politicians are helplessly at your manipulative mercy.
You want politicians to serve you, yet collect money from them, where do you want them to recoup their monies from if not from the funds meant for your development? We are where we are as a nation because of our combined greed and inactions. The rush for quick wins leaves us bare and empty, thus depriving us the ability to ask critical questions. Everyone wants to be part of the national cake as such, however, and whatever it takes to grab from the commonwealth, becomes our preoccupation.

We are who we are regardless of our education, exposure and class; we are a nation of greedy orientation. As you sell your votes, so shall the politicians sell your rights to education, health, good roads, security etc.
The Ekiti election has come and gone, but leaving on its heel, is a lamentable reality that exposes us as a people who prefer the gains of today, instead of the harvest of tomorrow. Blinded by greed, the people turned their rights to cheap pawns as politicians rushed over themselves to buy voters. The tragedy of the Ekiti debacle is the fact that people there are undoubtedly the ‘most; educated in the states of Nigeria. How these people chose to reduce their worth for crop is a reference study in bewilderment.

I do not have the energy to dwell on the infamous role of the political parties, who induced voters with monetary bait but how do you curry votes from electorates who are motivated by the content of your pocket than the content of your manifesto? A society is a reflection of its people. Nothing can change in this clime unless the people extricate themselves from the burden of greed and desperation. The APC flag bearer in Ekiti, Dr John Kayode Fayemi, in 2014, tried to play politics of decency and ideas but got severely burnt by his idealism when the people queried his idealism for stomach infrastructure, tragically, in 2018, the man feared a repeat of failure and kowtowed to the yearnings of the people. He joined the stomach infrastructure train and like the other parties, he threw common sense to the wind. The system has a way of rewarding those who attempt to question our wisdom and halt the drift with open scorn.
Like Bennie Alika opined, ‘we all worked hard, either by omission or commission, to create a present nation of misery, poverty and conflict for ourselves and innocent children. In the heights of our delusion, it became normal to plant a corn and expect to harvest yam. Where that fails, we take it out on our neighbours, instead of taking responsibility for our idiocy’. The travails across the length and breadth of Nigeria are the consequences of our collective actions and inactions.
The balance of absurdities in Ekiti is a sore reality in our body polity, for sane progress, everyone must come together to halt this malady. It is tragic when money becomes the decider of our electoral fortune instead of ideas. The security agencies must come up with quick solutions to halt this ugly manifestation with rewarding sanctions. Cleaning up the Ekiti mess at this stage of our national despondency is definitely not a party affair but our collective responsibility as a people.



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