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2019: Aspiring Under APC, Not A Guarantee For Victory -Dalung.



The Minister of Sports and youth development, Mr. Solomon Dalung, has cautioned politicians who are nursing the feelings that aspiring under the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), will guarantee their victory in 2019 to have a rethink, stressing that the 2019 election will not be along party line.
Dalung said unlike what happen in 2015 that people voted massively for APC to oust out the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nigerians are more wiser politically and  would not vote candidates according to the political parties they vie on, but the individuals vying in such parties and base on performance.
Dalung, stated this over the weekend in Gombe, while delivering his address at the 2018 unity convention of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN).
He said there are some politician who think once they are able to get the ticket to vie under the platform of a big political party, then all is settle.
“Let me tell you something, Parties will not count in the next election, what will count are the candidates.”
“Those of you thinking that vying under the platform of APC, will guarantee you winning election in 2019, you better wake up from your sleep, Nigerians are now more politically conscious and wiser, people will no longer vote for party but for candidates.” He said.
Adding that “We will ensure that votes count in 2019, so the mere fact that you have been elected under a popular party, is not a guarantee for you to be re-elected, you can only be reelected base on your performance, so APC in 2019 cannot be SAK ,it most be integrity.”
Dalung, while calling on the youths not to allow any politician or political party use them, said they should vote for credible candidate, not popular party.
“I call on you as Nigerian youths and future leaders not to base your criteria for voting on political parties, but to evaluate the individual candidates of the party, their achievements and what they can be able to show in terms of performance.”
The minister who disclosed that the federal government have no candidate or interest in the NYCN election, enjoin the delegates to vote for credible candidates with the capacity of bringing positive changes for the youths.
“The federal government is not sponsoring or supporting any particular candidate, but we are more concern for a free, fair and transparent election, because we stand ready to work with those that will be elected by the Nigerian youths.” The Minister said.