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Kano State “Northsidekingz” Wins 7th K-Pop Dance competition



…to represent Nigeria in World festival in Korea.

It was an electric atmosphere at the 7th Korean Pop dance competition (K-Pop) held at the Nicon  Luxury hotel Abuja, where lovers of dance converge to witness yet another thrills of master class.

The annual Pop dance competition (K-Pop), brought together 13 young groups, battling to win a star prize of half a million and an automatic ticket to compete at the world festival in South Korea.

With thick sweats trickling down, racing heart beats and gasping breaths, 13 group of young Nigerians took turns to stormed it out at the crowd studded hall in a two dance categories competition.

There was no dull moment as the enthused crowd excitedly cheer with screams hitting the roofs sending hot vibrations round the city of Abuja for two hours.

Hearts were pounding as popular artiste Sixfoot Plus, who was the man with the MIC called the winners.

Out of a total of 10 teams for school category and 30 crews for professional category, six schools and seven professional crews from across the country, made it to the finals at the mercy of four judges; two Korean K-Pop instructors and two renowned Nigerian choreographer and dancer.

After a highly contested dance competition with a listed K-Pop song, Julimore emerged winner of the student dance category with N300,000, while a dance crew from Kano, the Northsidekingz, won the overall star prize of N500,000 for the professional category.

Speaking after the event, the Ambassador of Korea to Nigeria, In-tae Lee, explained that the overall winners and 1st runner ups on the adult category, stands a chance of representing and emerging world champions at the 2018 Changwo K-Pop world festival holding later this year in South Korea

Lee who is witnessing the competition for the first time in Nigeria, noted that he was amazed at the level of passion, energy and commitment Nigerian youths have shown towards K-Pop competition within the last seven years.

“Nigeria’s creative and entertainment industry with the required commitment from all stakeholders is a boom unraveling. It surely can generate tremendous employment opportunity and create wealth for Nigeria’s teeming populace.

“I am happy that the K-Pop competition in Nigeria is providing such platform to promote creativity and entertainment, enabling Nigerian youths to showcase their talents, improve their skills and prepare for further challenges and successes.”

Spokesperson of the winning team, Michael Neon, said that his crew was willing to give all it takes to maintain the record set by the immediate past winners of the competition, who took the world by surprise to emerged world champions at the K-Pop world festival in South Korea.

“For us its just a starting line for us, we are going to push harder, are going to work harder, indulge in more competitions and appearances, the world needs to see us the more. There are literally no threats, if Nigerians have taken it beforehand, we can take it again,” he said.

According to one of the judges, Dr. Emem Olutoke, the criteria used in selecting winners were choreography, uniformity, technique and stage charisma.

The assistant dance captain from the performing art unit,Nigerian Art and culture center, Mr Solomon Topyav said the dancing project would create an opportunity to improve the bilateral relation between Nigeria and the Korean government.

“The dance will enable the dancers to improve in their cultural performance and widen the understanding of Korean language. It is not easy to grasp the dancing method at the first point, with constant practice and putting in adequate effort, the steps will be mastered appropriately.

“We hope to train the dancers as long as they are willing to learn, and we will invite artistes from other countries to get acquainted with our dance as well

Pleased with the level of acceptance,  the Korean Professional dance instructor, Seo Won Kyo, said the

dancing gig would furthermore promote bilateral relations between the two countries.

“We have seen the enthusiasm and desire shown by the Nigerian dancers in

learning about our culture. We hope the two countries will grow in their bilateral relations through the arrangement.

“Since our arrival three weeks ago, we have been surprised at the level of enthusiasm shown by Nigerians .We hope that they will continue with the zeal.”



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