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2019: Payback Time For Govs Owing Teachers – NUT



The Nigerian Union of Teachers, has hinted of its resolve to use members votes against governors that have failed to accord priority to teachers’. Specifically, the Union noted that the forth coming 2019 election is going to be payback time especially for governors who were owning teachers and other workers and were seeking reelection. NUT President, Comrade Micheal Olukoya made the Union’s position known recently. Speaking during an interview yesterday, Olukoya stated that the teachers were all waiting patiently to head to the election booth and exercise their revenge with their votes. The NUT President had lamented on the situation in the nation where education was not given the priority it deserved and wondered how teachers who are being owed for months can give in their best in the classroom. “All states that are owing workers or teachers the time for revenge and pay back is fast approaching. For the governors that are owning teachers or workers, if they don’t want to incur the wrath of teachers or workers, they better pay up now because this is a payback time as we approach, 2019,” he said.

Olukoya therefore urged to the states who are still owning their workers especially the teachers to pay up so as to encourage the them to teach the children which will in turn benefit the state as education is the bedrock of any society. As at six months ago during the union’s 2018 annual gathering, it revealed that 13 states have not paid their teachers, some for as long as 28 months. Though the numbers have reduced, it is believed that many teachers are still in the classroom, slaving in the class room not knowing when their salaries will be paid. Other demands the union had made were the opposition of transfer of the funding and management of primary education to local government councils, need for upward review of teachers retirement age, activities of ASUSS and non remittance of check off dues to NUT and non-payment of pensions and gratuity to retired teachers.