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Katsina State Infrastructural Development Under Masari Administration.



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Provision of infrastructure has always been the yearnings and aspirations of people from government. Successive state and the federal governments have made efforts in the past to provide same for the people to enjoy good governance. However, the lean resources on the side of the governments coupled with pausity of funds had made it almost impossible to attain the desired goals for the people.
The bane of societal development has always been attributed to the lack of adequate infrastructure that could easily ginger the growth of the economy and further add value to the lives of the people.

The absence of political will has therefore been a constant factor that draws back the provision of infrastructure to the people. In Katsina State, however, the present administration has tried within its lean resources to provide the people with needed infrastructure.
Road construction for example has been one of the keys used to open up the various communities to attain accelerated growth in the socio-economic activities of its populace. The present Administration concentrated in opening rural roads in which some have either been constructed, rehabilitated or expanded to at least link two or three more local governments within the cluster of communities in which the roads are sited.
Some of the roads built by the administration include Gora-Makauraci-Mallamawa-Gamzago, Dutsinma-Tsaskiya-Babban Duhu-Kukar Samu, Fago-Jirdede-Kwasarawa-Babban Mutum and Sayaya-Mazoji. Others are Rimaye-Sukuntuni-Magam-Karaduwa, Kankara-Zango-Dansabau and Dabai-Kahutu-Sundu. The rest include Dannakola-Dan’aunai-Mashi and Kaita-Yandaki-Abdallawa.
In addition, the roads have been constructed taking into consideration the provision of bridges, culverts, pedestrian walk-ways, solar street lights and drainages among others.

Before the present administration in the state some of the communities in which these roads have been opened or reconstructed had never had it so good while in others had virtually been turned into death traps.
Several lives and property running into millions of naira had therefore been lost on such roads following fatal accidents. The current state government’s intervention in the provision of standard roads in critical areas that needed them the most, has continued to make a difference through saving the lives of passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

It has also helped in opening up various communities, thereby eliminating disconnect and eventually connecting them socially, economically and politically.
Successive Katsina State governments knew that the state, being one of those ravaged occasionally by the yearly floods did not pay much attention in solving the perennial problems, unlike the Masari administration which has taken the bull by the horn in addressing the lack of drainages. Realizing the multiple loss associated with the floods, the psychological trauma and the devastating effects on its victims, the government embarked upon the construction of concrete reinforced drainages in flood prone areas thereby channeling the water flow routes to safety.
As at present, hundreds of kilometers of the drainages have been constructed by the government throughout the length and breadth of the entire State.
Apart from serving the main purpose of taming the scourge of flooding, the construction of the drainages has further helped in beautifying the environment and reducing the pile up of still-water which gives room to the mass breeding of mosquitoes and other insects in the environment.
And as a sign of good will from the administration, compensation of private buildings that were pulled down to give way for the construction of the drainages was paid for by the government which has further put smiles on the faces of the benefiting citizens.

It is evident in Katsina State that, in this year’s rainy season, the yearly flood occasioned with lack of proper drainages has not been recorded in those prone areas as a result of the effort made to tame the tide which has paid off greatly.
However, the recent flood in Jibia local government area which claimed lives and destroyed properties and structures running into millions of naira was caused by heavy torrential and unprecedented rainfall occasionally witnessed in tropical regions. This Jibia flood disaster was never witnessed in the history of Katsina State.

Other components of infrastructure provided to the people by the Masari administration include an improved power supply projects. A lot of rural communities were provided with electricity through connecting them to the national grid, the provision of additional transformers and the replacement of obsolete, broken down poles, transformers and electric cables. In urban areas, solar street lights were provided in addition to the backup diesel powered generators stationed strategically to lighten the environment and to ward off criminals who hide under the canopy of darkness to perpetuate crimes.
It is therefore the duty of the end users to take proper care of those structures against its misuse from miscreants who may want to draw the progress recorded back to square one.

–AbdulBaqi writes from Katsina