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5 Ways To Avoid Going Bald Or Thinning Hair



Going Bald or thinning hair can be a stressful to any individual experiencing it, for the confident bold male, shaving it all off is the the usual quickest solution but for the lady or not-so-confident male, shaving it all off is not an option. Leading to desperate measures and prone to unwise splurging on miracle-cure hair products littering our supermarket and pharmacy today. The best way to handle going bald or thinning hair is to ‘catch it in time’. Once you notice thinning hair, receding hair line or already know its a genetic trait , the best thing to do is adopt the following lifestyle habits listed below.

Choosing the right Shampoo is a lifesaver

Dozens of shampoo manufactures always lay claim to thicker hair but don’t be deceived. Choose only those shampoo that has Ketoconazole, an antifungal used to fight dandruff. It helps to reduce the production of testosterone (and therefore DHT) in hair follicles, which will in turn ensure thicker hair for you.

Condition your hair

Conditioning your hair is must to avoid thinning, dehydrated and damaged hair. When shopping for your hair conditioner, ensure you choose  lightweight conditioners that contains panthenol and glycerine.

Vitamin D and B12.

Low levels or deficiencies Vitamin D and B12 can result in slow hair growth or worse, thinning hair , so taking these as additional essential supplements is a winner. Studies  have shown that people with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, were three times as likely to be D deficient as those with healthy hair. “Vitamin D helps hair reset its growth phase,” explains Dr. Piliang. she recommends taking 2,000 IU a day of vitamin D3 but of course add your doctor or certified pharmacist on the best dosage for you.


Periods of rapid shedding in balding men are often brought on by stress. For women going through therapy, childbirth or stress can cause the same. According to Hair-loss expert  Melissa Piliang, M.D stress floods your body with the hormone cortisol, and then other hormone levels fluctuate in response. Best and most healthy way to get rid of stress is through exercise. Pace yourself and aim for general health.

Eat smart

Eating smart is a healthy lifestyle habit, everyone should adopt. It is especially important to balding men or women . Skip the fried foods, take small quality desserts and watch your iron consumption.  Sally-Ann adds: “Low iron is one of the most common causes of hair thinning, so try to reboot it from the inside out by including lean red meat in our diet or take an iron supplement.”