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New Generation Artistes Prefer Money To Grooming – T.W.O



At a press conference held at Protea Hotel, Lagos, the duo of Tunde and Wunmi Obe popularly known as T.W.O has made it clear that the reason for many squabbles in the music industry today is because many new generation artistes prefer money to grooming or mentorship.

Tunde revealed that many young and talented artistes in Nigeria did not want to borrow the brain of established ones but just wanted to be famous without going through the rudiments.

“We have always supported young talents and we will continue to do so. We give free studio sessions, help with music videos, pay for promotions and even feature some on our albums. The challenge is that those little efforts are usually not enough to make an artiste ‘blow’ but those are what most new generation artistes want. They just want quick fix believing that they will ‘blow’ afterwards. There is a place for grooming and mentorship, serving and paying your dues. In doing this, you get to learn the rope of the business and industry while also attracting all the support you need”, he said.

He further explained that when you eventually helped some by giving them money, they respected you for only a period of time, after then, they began to misbehave and that’s why there’s the issue of record labels and artistes having bad blood.

T.W.O have been on stage as a music group for over 30 years. In many quarters, they are regarded as Nigeria’s longest standing music group.

The press conference was in celebration of the achievements of the legendary couple and music group. The 50th birthday celebration of Tunde Obe, the group’s 30 years on stage and 20 years as a happily married couple.

The couple regard these major milestones in their life as a blessing. The highlight of the press conference was when the couple premiered the remix of their hit single “Without Your Love.”

The chairman of the occassion, Mr Gbenga Adebija, who also is the president of Nigerian German Business Association revealed that there would be a major event in September to properly celebrate the couple.

“This press conference, however, is the beginning of series of events lined up to celebrate Tunde and Wunmi Obe. We had initially planned over three major events but the demise of Wunmi Obe’s brother, Mr Aboderin of Punch Newspapers, made us cancel all the plans. However, we have been encouraged to go ahead with the final event, the Grand Ball which is set to hold on September 1, 2018. It will be a celebration of the three major milestones in the lives of the couple and music group”, Gbenga said.

Concluding the conference, the couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe, thanked everyone for coming out to support them while the chairman ceased the occasion to invite the media to the grand ball to celebrate the couple.




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