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We Are Excited To Host AMAA Awards In Rwanda – Omany



The Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Convention Bureau, Denise B. Omany has stated that the Rwandan community are excited to host the epoch event which is slated for 22nd September, 2018.
Omanymade this known during an interactive session with media at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja. According to her , the people and government of Rwanda believe that AMMA is coming into the country to grow the movie and entertainment industry, hence, the support they are getting. She pointed out that the tourism potential in the country is quite cheaper and people arw happy that such opportunities are coming at a time the world is diversifying their sectors. She said:

” We’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with AMAA to host the event in Rwanda. The Rwanda Convention Bureau helps the government to organise events that come into Rwanda, specifically on the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) sector, that’s what we do. “We see AMAA coming into Rwanda as an opportunity for us to grow the M.I.C.E. sector, because it fits within our agenda for M.I.C.E.. Within the M.I.C.E., entertainment and event is one of those things that are part of M.I.C.E. So we see it as part of what we are supposed to be doing within that sector. ” We are quite excited to have AMAA come to Rwanda this year, because we also see an opportunity of growing that sector. We are hoping that a lot is being done to be able to attract people into Rwanda because Rwanda is a destination that’s currently attracting a good number of people for many reasons. But we hope it’s for the right reasons in this case. As a destination, we believe we are an attractive destination. We believe that our tourism is one of the thing that everybody is interested in seeing, and perhaps even understanding why Rwanda has changed its narrative, and that is a very important point for us,”she explained.

Also speaking about the crisis that have rocked the country and what people should expect to get, especially tourist, Denise Omany revealed the situation in Rwanda is now changed. She stated that people who visited and are still visiting the country have stories to tell and are not spending a lot to have their safaction. She promised that the event would showcased the best of the best while calling on interested patrons to come have a firsthand view of the the country. “Rwanda is a bit like Cape Town. When looking at scenery go to Cape Town, Botswana, Namibia, they all have a lot of people coming there to have fun. We are hoping that the rest of the world will see Rwanda for the value it brings to the filmmaking industry across the world as a location for films and based on the infrastructure which is already built. For AMAA, it is visa on arrival for the whole of the world, and that’s the major ease. AMAA already has one set of training on social media for creative industry entrepreneurs and this was basically to get them to activate a trend of people talking about why AMMA is coming to Rwanda. For the AMAA and the RCB, it’s really like how do we make sure the creative entrepreneur see Rwanda as a destination of choice within Africa.

“You know that Rwanda did very well in this year’s Berlin Biennale. Their film came second in the Silverbear, and that’s for a country that hasn’t really got a film industry. We have already agreed on facilities and will be hosting it in the best we have within Kigali which is the Kigali Convention Centre. It’s currently the best, I believe south of the Sahara. Many Nigerians know ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ the movie. “That’s right. I hope hotel Rwanda is not what is on people’s minds, because as I said, that narrative has changed. We want people to be able to come and discover Rwanda’s tourism which is one of the best you can get. We have different packages that will be available for anyone who would want to explore. Above all, we believe our airline runs the flights from Abuja and Lagos will be able to carry as many people from their destination to come to Kigali. Rwanda has some of the best hotel and parks, it isn’t actually a major brand that isn’t in Rwanda and also one of the things that make Rwanda fine is the security. That’s one of the thing people can always look for and if you want to go to a different location, you can go see the gorillas. You can go to the mountain side, there are different things to enjoy,” he concluded.




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